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Photo of the week Mark Cohen

Street Photo of the week by Mark Cohen

American born photographer who characteristically photographs people close-up, using a wide angled lens and a flash, mostly in black and white. Cohen frequently crops heads from the frame, concentrating on small details. His images are uncomfortable, intrusive and raw forcing the audience into an intimacy with the subject well beyond personal space and yet the harsh flash or composition neither warm nor sensual. By pulling on details rather than meandering through well told full image stories , Mark Cohen’s images virtually shout at the viewer ‘LOOK, LOOK AT IT’ whatever that ‘IT’ is, they are unequivocal in their demands.

Featured Escalating Down by Edward Conde

Street Photo of the week by Edward Conde

Edward Conde is a Street Photographer that is based in Los Angeles, California that enjoys capturing life around him and images that interest him. He is a highly active member of our Private StreetHunters.net Readers Community on GooglePlus and a real awesome guy and for that we consider ourselves lucky to interact with him on a daily basis. Besides awesome, he is talented and makes amazing photos when he hits the streets. Edward has something that is unique to his style of work, or at least it is unique for me. He shoots his photos and then edits them completely and only on his iPad. He doesn’t post process his photographs on a PC or Mac, even if he is in the IT Industry. No. His style of processing is all done by touch. Edward is very generous because he shares his techniques about post processing on the iPad with the world on his blog called Digital Chemicals.

Photo of the week LA by Rinzi Ruiz

Street Photo of the week by Rinzi Ruiz

Rinzi Ruiz is a Street Photographer that lives and works in Los Angeles California. He comes from a strong artistic background, having studied arts and also having worked in the creative industry of graphics and animation for many years. This strong background has equipped Rinzi with the skills he so eloquently uses in his Street Photography. Beautiful compositions, excellent balance of light and shadows, a large understanding of colour and a knowledge of aesthetics, make Rinzi Ruiz’s photography simple beautiful. His work moves and thrills and makes the eye wonder. Details are subtle but important to the composition of each photo. Everything is carefully taken into account. Nothing is left to chance in my opinion. Graphic designers love perfection and even though Rinzi is now a full time Photographer, he has that love for perfection in his DNA.

Street Photo of the week by Shane Gray

Shane Gray is an amazing Street Photographer that is based in the Mega City of New York as he himself calls it. Shane is originally from the UK. He was a resident of London for 10 years before he moved to New York around 4 years ago. He loves photographing New Yorkers and everything that goes on in that amazingly busy part of the world. His photos are full of energy, motion, emotion and smart details that make the viewer want more and more and more! I personally went through his website’s photos twice and I still haven’t had enough of them. His images are just smashing! Shane is part of the http://www.street-photographers.com/ collective.

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Street Photo of the week by Maria Plotnikova

Maria Plotnikova is a Street Photographer from Moscow, Russia, that has a talent for freezing time in her own unique way. She works almost exclusively in colour and for that reason has a very good understanding of how all colours work together, mixing them and matching them in her interesting compositions with one goal, to create amazing images. Those images initially attract the viewer, they grab his/her attention for a long period of time. While the viewer is looking at her photographs, wonder and analysis comes to him / her almost instinctively. Finally after the looking and processing of the images is over, the viewer can’t stop thinking of them. They have been carved into his / her brain. That’s what good photography does to a person. Is sticks.

Street Photograher of the Week by Josef Koudelka

Josef Koudelka was born in 1938, trained as an aeronautical engineer until 1967 when he decided to take up photography.

He had returned from a project photographing gypsies in Romania just two days before the Soviet invasion, in August 1968. He witnessed and recorded the military forces of the Warsaw Pact as they invaded Prague and crushed the Czech reforms. Koudelka’s negatives were smuggled out of Prague into the hands of the Magnum agency, and published anonymously in The Sunday Times Magazine under the initials P. P. (Prague Photographer) for fear of reprisal to him and his family.

His pictures of the events became dramatic international symbols. In 1969 the “anonymous Czech photographer” was awarded the Overseas Press Club’s Robert Capa Gold Medal for photographs requiring exceptional courage.

Street Photo of the week by Juha Kannisto

This week we are featuring the work of one of our own StreetHunters.net Readers that makes some truly amazing photos! Juha Kannisto is a Street Photographer from Finland that has been living in Tokyo since 1996 so naturally all of Juha’s work is from that grand, striking, pulsing, colourful city. He is passionate about using his high tech camera in combination with legacy manual glass. He loves to take control of his kit and doesn’t leave anything to chance. This combination of high tech, very high quality legacy glass and of course Juha’s incredible creativity are what lead to so many stunning photos. Juha is a prolific photographer and will not settle with one shot of a situation. One can notice this by visiting his profile on GooglePlus where he posts albums after albums of 20 – 30 – 40 photos nearly on a daily basis!

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Street Photo of the week by Gareth Bragdon

Gareth Bragdon is a Street Photographer that shoots on the streets of Edinburgh, United Kingdom. He loves using the flash. Most of his photos are Candid Street Portraits of people being flashed in their faces! He has a keen eye for the weird and the different and that is what makes his photos great to look at. Expressions frozen in time, gaping mouths, wide open eyes, stunned looks and all sorts of awesome details are what one can find in one of Gareth’s daring photos! Gareth Bragdon is also part of the “Grey Skies” group of Street Photographers.

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Street Photo of the week by Hector Isaac

Hector Isaac is originally from Cuba and he moved to the USA in 2004, specifically Miami where he discovered photography and especially Street Photography. Hector Isaac has been featured many times in blogs and website and also has won the 2012 Miami Street Photography Festival Award juried by Alex Webb of Magnum, Rebecca Norris Webb, Maggie Steber of National Geographic and Juan Jose Reyes of MSPF. He is part of the Strata Collective. His work is mostly colour. Not subtle colour but rich, dazzling colour that really makes the viewer want to look at his photos and enjoy devouring those lovely colour palettes with his/her eyes.

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Street Photo of the week by Jo Paul Wallace

Jo Paul Wallace is a Street Photographer that works in London, the UK. Originating from the world of documentary photography, Jo Wallace has evolved into a bold and confident Street Photographer that likes to get close, very close and also has an eye for the unique! His images are smart and almost always include one or more awesome characters caught while doing some weird facial expression or gesture! A few years back, Jo joined the Street Photography Now Project on Flickr and through the valuable feedback he got through that group he evolved from a documentary photographer, photographing realistically to a surrealist. As for his gear, he shoots a full frame digital camera and uses 17mm to get really, really close! He started with a 28mm, then moved to a 24mm and a 17mm, depending on what he wants to achieve.