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It has been a while since we have given out something for free on our website. Our Freebies section hasn’t had anything added to it since January 2016 when Dan Berntsson shared his free ebook “Keep it simple”.

The Freebies section is a section where you, the Readers, can share anything for free between you. All you have to do is contact us via email or contact form, make your Freebie donation, share a few words about it and we will do the rest.

Actions such as these are highly appreciated by all the community.

So today, after a long period of not sharing anything in our Freebies section, we are very pleased to have something new and different to share with you!

FREE Darktable presets for Fuji X series cameras by Amin Habbal

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Keep It Simple by Dan Berntsson Photo 1

The best thing about Street Hunters is that it allows us as a group of photographers to get in touch and interact with like minded street photographers around the world. The friendships and communities we form through Street Hunters on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter allow us to exchange ideas and gain new points of view. Sometimes we’re lucky enough to meet readers in person during streethunts and at the Annual Street Hunters Meeting. Meeting one another in person is an opportunity to cement our friendships – and there’s no awkward getting to know you phase either because we’ve already been talking in the streethunters social media communities!

One of our good friends at Street Hunters is Dan Berntsson from Sweden. Dan is a wonderful friend, and an active member in the street hunters groups and communities. Spyros Papaspyropoulos and I have been lucky to meet Dan when he visited Rethymno, and Dan also attended the First Annual Street Hunters Meeting in London in 2015 too. Dan’s a really laid back guy with a real passion for street photography, and he loves to relax and unwind with a beer too. We get along famously. Dan is a street photographer who likes to work on projects and produce books and e-Books, and for his latest e-Book he wanted to give something back to everyone in the Street Hunters community, so he’s offering his new e-Book to all our readers for free!

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In the past we have featured e-books by various Readers that wish to share their work with the rest of the Street Photography community. We have always been proud and happy to share these works because they are not just a valuable source of inspiration for everyone, but a testament that you, our Readers take the art of Street Photography very seriously. Taking photographs and posting them on Social Networks is one thing, but to concentrate on one project and to go through with it all the way until the end is something totally different.

Free Street Photography eBooks

Just in case you have missed previously featured e-books we are providing you with a list of links to all older eBook posts. We highly recommend you take a look at them and let us and the Street Photographers that made them know what you think. They are all the result of hard work, patience and a passionate love for Street Photography.

Rocky Nook’s Guide to HDR Panoramas and Photo Merge in Lightroom CC

Dear Readers,

Our friends at Rocky Nook publishing are giving away an eBook that is titled ‘Rocky Nook’s Guide to HDR Panoramas and Photo Merge in Lightroom CC’ and it can be downloaded directly from our website.

Even though we understand that HDR Panoramas and Photo Merge are not tools that Street Photographers use, we also understand that some of you dear Readers also practice other types of Photography as well besides Street Photography, so this book by our friends at Rocky Nook might be interesting for you.

We don’t usually post things that aren’t directly related with Street Photography, but hey, you can’t deny that a free photography related eBook isn’t cool!

So, go ahead and download the free ebook and enjoy the read.

Stay Sharp & Keep Shooting!


Alex Coghe is a multitalented artist. He is an Established Photojournalist from Italy. Besides that he also specialises in Erotic Photography, Writing, Editing, Publishing and Teaching Photography. If you have been searching the web for cool free resources about Street Photography, then you will have most certainly stumbled upon his free Street Photography ebooks.

Alex is currently based in Mexico City where he teaches photography workshops and is involved in various personal projects. He loves travelling around the world, meeting other photographers and sharing what he knows.

Marseille - Stairs Rue Du Lacydon by Stefan Wuelser


Today we have the pleasure of sharing with you all, a Free ebook that has been offered to you the Readers by Street Photographer Stefan Wuelser. Stefan Wuelser is a Street Photographer that uses the amazing compact camera Ricoh GR, that another one of our Readers, Buru Llwyd reviewed a while back. We are extremely fond of that camera here at, even though we have never had the chance to own or review one thoroughly.

But, let’s get to the juicy part, the ebook. We took a look at it and found the photographs interesting and we all agreed that you would appreciate this fine gesture. We thought that since Stefan wishes to share his work with you then why not! So, we asked him to write a few words about “Lights of the South” for us. There is none other better qualified than the author himself to describe his own book, right? So here it is: