Featured Street Photo by F.D. Walker

Featured Street Photo by F.D. Walker

Photo of the week by Forrest Walker

Featured Street Photo by F.D. Walker

Forrest Walker, a.k.a F.D. Walker, a.k.a. Shooterfiles.com is an American Street Photographer from Portland, USA. Forrest is a talented and well travelled street photographer. When I say well travelled I mean it! His project is to travel and do street photography in 100 cities around the world. Besides shooting in all the cities he visits, he blogs about it too! Extensively! So, his blog is a very good resource if you are looking for tips concerning a city you might be interested in visiting to do Street Photography. So, Forrest is one of those people that not only shares his work with the world, but also shares his knowledge and experiences, giving back to the community valuable information for free that most of us would easily pay for. I for one understand the time and effort he puts into this project, not only because he is a personal friend of mine and I have an inside look into his adventures, but also because I know from first hand how hard it is to produce photos, travel and blog about it amongst other things.

But Forrest Walker isn’t just a street photography / travel photographer and blogger. He is also an educator teaching workshops on behalf of The Street Collective which he is a part of. So if you are interested in participating in any of his workshops, you can find all the information you need about them on the Shooterfiles.com website workshops section.

His work has been posted on The Huffington Post, Lens Culture, The APF Magazine, Limelight, Siam Street Nerds and of course here on Streethunters.net in the following posts Street Hunt No16 – Street Photography in Istanbul, Turkey, Street Hunt No17 – Street Photography in Rome, Italy and The 2nd Annual Street Hunters Meeting in London.

So, if you are ever in a city where Forrest Walker is, don’t miss out on the opportunity to join him for a photowalk. He is as fearless a Street Photographer as they come! Be prepared to have thrills, enjoy a lot of beer and probably even get into some sort of trouble, and I am speaking from personal experience, so take my word for it!

You can see more of F.D. Walker’s photography on his website at www.fdwalker.com and you can follow his blog at www.shooterfiles.com. You can find all his social links on his website and blog.

#12 S&R

"#12 S&R" by F.D. Walker
“#12 S&R” by F.D. Walker

I never asked Forrest what the title of this photo meant, or even if it is a proper title. I remember the first time he shared it with me we were in London at the 2nd Annual Street Hunters Meeting and we were catching up from our last meeting in Rome. When I saw the photo I was amazed! I told him then and there that I would feature it in Streethunters.net. I hope he has forgotten about what I said back then so it comes to him as a surprise now. But enough of the background story, let’s get to the actual photo and see what Forrest has captured here.

The image is pretty understandable, but what makes it amazing in my opinion is that even though one can understand what is seeing, one can’t easily believe it! So, we have a young boy’s foot, leg and arm extended on the left hand side that indicates he has just kicked the ball seen in the second vertical third of the frame of the image, and finally just after the ball there is what appears to be an old lady goalkeeper waiting for the ball patiently. How surreal! An old lady goalie! Ha ha ha! What a great image!

However, as a parent I see something else here too. Something that touches my heart and makes this photo ever so beautiful. This little old lady is probably the grandmother of this boy and doesn’t care about her old body, her advanced years, her probably aching back and joints, she doesn’t care that she will never manage to save a goal, or that she will ever move fast enough to even be a challenge for her grandson. All she cares about is that her grandchild wants to play football (I refuse to call it soccer) and he needs someone to play in goal for him. So, there she is, being her grandson’s goalie, best mate, and all in all cool granny! This is so precious. Damn you Forrest you made me all emotional with this shot man. What a great photo!

Thank you Forrest Walker!

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As you know, every so often we feature a photograph of a Street Photographer on our website. The Street Photographer that is featured is selected by the Street Hunters team.
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  1. Hi Spyros the title comes from the 12 assigment fom the flickr group Street&repeat and yes is amazing shot!

  2. Big thank you for the feature, Spyros! Pedo is correct. “#12 S&R” just stands for “Street & Repeat,” a flickr group that gives bi-monthly photo challenges (this was Challenge #12). Cheers and thanks again!

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