Street Photo of the week by Roy Rozanski

Street Photo of the week by Roy Rozanski

Street Photo of the week by Roy Rozanski

Street Photo of the week by Roy Rozanski

Roy Rozanski is an Israeli street photographer I discovered in the Readers Flickr group. He shoots mostly in Tel Aviv, the capital of Israel. Tel Aviv is a small albeit vibrant city that is full of interesting characters and has amazing light most days of the year, so it is a perfect place to practice street photography. Roy likes capturing photographs as close as possible using wide angle lenses and small cameras. He takes advantage of the Tel Aviv light as best he can. Combined with his talent for street shooting and his keen eye he manages to produce amazing results.

As he himself mentions, he is inspired by great photographers such as Martin Parr and Elliot Erwitt and tries to channel their influence when creating his own work.

Roy could be characterised as an impulsive photographer who doesn’t like following rules. He admits that what interests him the most is to freeze moments in time that have a story to tell. Composing by following known rules, such as the rule of thirds, leading lines, etc take a back seat if it means taking an important shot.

You can see more of Roy Rozanski’s photography on his Flickr account at or on his tumblr website at


Untitled by Roy Rozanski
“Untitled” by Roy Rozanski

In this instant Roy has managed to capture a moment in time in multiple dimensions. Here we see a man reaching out to grab what appears to be a frisbee. The magic of this photo is that while we can’t see what he is actually doing, his shadow on the yellow wall in the background clearly reveals his actions. What impresses me most of all is the fact that his shadow is connected to him by a long black line that is actually the shadow cast by his legs. It feels almost as if the shadow is like a “shadow puppet” and the stage is the yellow wall and the man in the foreground is the puppet master. The colour palette is incredible and the way Roy has split the image into 3 horizontal areas that each serve their own purpose is masterful. The top black part emphasizes the scene been shown in the middle part and the bottom part act like a stage on which the scene is displayed on. Fantastic work!

Thank you Roy Rozanski!

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