Street Photo of the week by Michele Liberti

Street Photo of the week by Michele Liberti

Street Photo of the week by Michele Liberti

Street Photo of the week by Michele Liberti

Michele Liberti is an Italian street photographer from Naples who has been shooting in the streets since 2008. He is a surrealist photographer, always looking for the odd, the surreal, the out of the ordinary image.

He is a member of the Eye Go Bananas street photography collective. We have featured another member of this collective on the Street Photo of the Week feature, Riccardo Cattaneo.

I do not know much about Michele other than what I mentioned before, but I will let his work speak for him. You can see more of Michele Liberti’s photography on his Flickr account at or on his page on the Eye Go Bananas website at

Summer naples 2016

summer naples 2016- #06 by michele liberti

Slam dunk! I remember seeing this photograph circulating the web and being on display on various street photography websites during late May early June. At the time I didn’t know Michele had submitted this to our Readers Flickr group. About a week ago, this photo popped up in the thousands of photos that are lined up for approval in our group and I remembered it again. I thought to myself “Now this is a photo that deserves to be featured on our website”. So here it is.

Nobody can deny that this capture has a ‘Martin Parr’ quality to it. The popping colours, the surrealism and the actual level of interestingness the subject emanates could easily have led the viewer to the conclusion that this is a Parr shot. There are not many people that can pull such a photo off but Michele is clearly one of them.

Michele has framed the subject in the dead centre of the photo and has made the shot in such a way that the shiny reflective folding screen worn by this lady looks like a crazy looking headpiece or halo even. The colour of her skin contrasts nicely against the black bikini top and her yellow shades. I really love the way that this colour has a CMYK feel to it. If you are into graphic design or print you will know that the CMYK colour model is Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and blacK. I see all those colours here and they feel so good being laid out here all together in this image. For me this is one amazing photo!

Thank you Michele Liberti!

About this weekly feature,

As you know, every week (or so) we feature a photograph of a Street Photographer on our website. The Street Photographer that is featured is selected by the Street Hunters team.

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