Featured Street Photo by Ilya Shtutsa

Featured Street Photo by Ilya Shtutsa

Featured Street Photo by Ilya Shtutsa promo

Featured Street Photo by Ilya Shtutsa

Ilya Shtutsa is a street photographer from the East side of Russia. As a child Ilya was interested in photography. He used to photograph his everyday life, document the people of his community and capture his surroundings up until the age of 18 when for some unknown reason he suddenly lost his interest in photography and stopped using a camera all together. After that point Ilya Shtutsa moved on with his life unaware that 20 years later the lure of photography would draw him back in, and this time for good! From the point Ilya decided to start using a camera again he has never stopped, and by the looks of it will not lose interest in photography again. Now, he is a proud member of the Observe collective and a recognised street photographer amongst the members of the street photography community.

You can see more of Ilya Shtutsa’s photography on his Flickr at https://www.flickr.com/photos/krysolove/ and also on his page on the Observe collective website at http://www.observecollective.com/Ilya-Shtutsa.


Featured Street Photo by Ilya Shtutsa
Featured Street Photo by Ilya Shtutsa

I am sure that nobody really needs me to explain why this image is so stunning. Ilya’s lens has managed to capture an amazing moment. He is positioned where a whole company of red beret soldiers are lined up looking away from him and right there in front of them all (or behind them all depending on your perspective) a girl stands looking at them. A girl with red hair, similar in colour to their berets. But that isn’t what makes this image truly special. Her exact position is what makes the difference between a great shot and a fantastic shot because she is standing at the edge of the company and it seems as if her head is marking the point where it all begins, or ends, again depending on your perspective. However, no picture becomes truly amazing without its own little “imperfections” in my opinion, and this is where the importance of the officer looking back towards the photographer is noticed. Breaking the monotony of the perfectly aligned company of men, looking the other way compared to everyone else, his is the only face that is visible amongst the hundreds of people that are in this scene, making us feel as if he is the only real live person there, where in reality he isn’t. An amazing photograph.

Thank you Ilya Shtutsa!

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