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Street Photo of the week by Fabrizio Alessi

Fabrizio Alessi is an Italian Street Photographer that currently lives and shoots in Bali. What I like about Fabrizio’s work is that he gets close to his subjects, very close. By the photos he makes one can easily tell that he talks to them. He learns about them. He makes them open up to him. So many faces, so many expressions. Fabrizio Alessi has managed to create a collection of undeniable beauty of humans. Humans of all shapes and sizes. His work is just amazing, it makes you feel that you are sitting in front of his subjects, looking at ever details on their faces, imagining them looking back at you. All his life he has been on the streets, capturing humanity around him as spontaneously as possible. He has been traveling to one place or another seeking new images. As he himself says on his website:

“Taking portraits of people, shooting the streets has been my life as long as I can remember. This is my on the road diary.”

Promo for Oxford Circus sprint by Anton Fortein

Street Photo of the week by Anton Fortein

Anton Fortein is a Street Photographer from the UK. He is also one of the SHRC Moderators, single handedly curating the Topics For Discussion and the Print Exchanges! He is also a massive contributor to the Community. He submits photos, comments and shares his experiences. Everyone in the SHRC recognises that. He is a talented film shooter, with unmatched knowledge on emulsions, film behaviours, film development and a passionate artist! Anton has proven to be a valuable member of the SHRC, a huge motivator and a great guy! He shoots using a Ricoh GR1 mostly, a Nikon FM3, a Leica IIIa, a Contax 167MT and other interesting film cameras through which he has managed to achieve a unique style. I have reached the point where I can recognise images of Anton from a mile away! Crazy about Tri-X and B&W photography, Anton shoots mostly in B&W but drops in an occasional colour shot every once in a while just to disrupt the waters! Besides Moderating the SHRC, Anton has also written a guest blog post for the StreetHunters.net website called “Analogue in a digital age… why I shoot film”. You can learn about how he approaches Street Photography and film by reading that post. I highly recommend it!

Washington Square New York 1954 by Andre Kertesz promo

Street Photo of the week by André Kertész

One of the most iconic figures of Photography that ever lived was the Grand Master André Kertész. Experimental by nature with a great understanding of the light, André Kertész managed to shine in the photography world at the very early stages of his career. He was born in Hungary in the late 19th century and was hugely recognised by his contemporary fellow photographers as a highly experienced and unique artist. The way he manipulated light and composition was way ahead of his time. He first started taking photos at the age of eighteen in Hungary and then continued taking photos after that for the rest of his long life. In the 1920’s-1930’s he rocked Paris with his amazing captures of the city so much that his work was published many times and he captured the attention of writers, fellow photographers and more. André Kertész managed to captivate his viewers through his interesting angles, his light, his compositions and his feeling. His photos were truly art and he would create that art anywhere. In a foreign country, or from his balcony it made no difference to him. He always managed to capture an unforgettable image.

Street Photo of the week by Laurent Roch

Laurent Roch is a French Street Photographer, born in Paris. He has been passionate about photography ever since he was an 11 year old boy when he photographed anything that attracted his attention and mostly his family. Currently he lives in Nice in Franse. Nice is in the south of France and the Mediterranean light and weather are things that Laurent seems to appreciate and that can be seen through his photographs. He has traveled to many places, making photos and documenting life, paying attention to every single detail. If you visit his website you will see his huge collection of amazing photographs from Paris, Cannes, Nice, New York, London, Gramat, Italy and more. His style is very precise and because of his love for details, you can notice that his photographs are all well thought out and framed perfectly!

Laurent Roch’s work hasn’t gone unnoticed. He has been awarded many prizes and has had his work exhibited and is also a proud member of the Street Photographers collective.

Street Photo of the week by Mark Powell

Mark Powell is an American Street Photographer from Detroit. At the moment of this writing he lives and works in Mexico city!

Powell is a published photographer and widely recognised for his work. He has published 2 books! “Very Important Person” in 2006 and the other one is freshly released and is called “Open at Noon”. His work has also been included in the must have “Street Photography Now” book by Thames and Hudson that was published in 2010. His photography has been exhibited in many countries, including England, Japan, Holland, Spain, Mexico and the USA, in galleries and prestigious museums.

In my opinion, Mark’s work is fascinating! Each one of his photos has a story to tell. Every single picture can be interpreted in many ways. All of them are smart and witty, just great to look at! He loves colours and from what I notice they play an important role in his compositions. He has a great understanding of light and composition that is apparent at first glance.

Forte Dei Marmi, Italy 2014 by Salvator Matarazzo promo

Street Photo of the week by Salvatore Matarazzo

Salvatore Matarazzo is a charismatic Street Photographer from Italy that lives and works in Viareggio, Tuscany. Since being a young boy, Savlatore has been very interested in photography. This is a passion that was passed on to him by his father. He was so passionate about the art that he stopped attending school to focus 100% on what captivated his interest more than anything in life. Photography. Since then he has worked as a photographer for magazines and newspapers. He shoots anything that interests him. Furniture, Interior decoration, Photojournalism and of course his greatest passion of all Street Photography. According to Salvatore himself:

“Street photography is definitely my calling and the best way to express my personal skills and craft.”

Salvatore Matarazzo is also a member the inspiring Elephant Gun collective.

Thessaloniki Greece 2014 by Yiannis Yiasaris promo

Street Photo of the week by Yiannis Yiasaris

Yiannis Yiasaris is a Street Photographer that is based in Melbourne, Australia and is originally from beautiful Thessaloniki, Greece. Yiannis joined the SHRC this month, however he has been a very active member and each and every photograph he has shared is at least stunning. The magic sauce behind Yianni’s great shots are the perfect understanding of ultra wide angle lenses in Street Photography. If you have tried shooting street with ultra wide glass, you have surely noticed how hard it is to get a decent composition. The reason is that it feels as if the camera is sucking everything in, even unwanted elements. So, to get a good photo with ultra wide, you have to have had loads of practice and you have to be a very good composer with strong design principles. This is what Yiannis is and for this reason we have chosen one of his stunning images to share with you all today.

Street Photo of the week by Martin Parr

Martin Parr is a giant, a legend of contemporary Street Photography. A disruptive force that changed the way many people understood the art. Ever since he first started using colour, he has created ripples in the photographic community. He has been embraced by many and not accepted by many others. At least that is what it used to be for mr. Parr in the early days when he was establishing his style. Now, he is the undisputed magician that can turn anything mundane or kitsch into a beautiful composition, an interesting and memorable photograph. In my opinion he is one of the most influential figures of Street Photography.

Martin Parr loves to take photos of everyday life. Being a resident of England he has dedicated himself to capture the Englishness that surrounds him. But mr. Parr doesn’t confine himself to England and the English only. He is a world travelled photographer with a large collection of photos from countless locations. All of his photos have his unique style that make them so distinguishable.

Fabio Costa - Amsterdam 2012 promo

Street Photo of the week by Fábio Costa

Fábio Costa is a multitalented artist, an Art Director and a Street Photographer that lives in Paris France. He is originally from Brazil and has been taking photographs since 2005 non stop. His Street Photography is mostly in colour and has a characteristic feel to it, especially the photos that he has shot that look misty and cloudy. He is part of the well known Street Photographers collective. You can visit his personal page to view more of his photos. He enjoys playing with contrast and his images are mostly about light vs shadows. Bright photos with vibrant colors against deep, black shadows that help his subjects pop out or sink away into the darkness, depending on what Fábio wants to achieve. In addition, he makes photos that are surreal, sometimes dreamy, clever and you can tell just by spending 5 minutes on his flickr page that he has a very, very sharp eye!

Mardi Gras New Orleans promo

Street Photo of the week by Chuck Patch

Before I stumbled upon Chuck Patch’s work I hadn’t heard of him. Looking through his flickr photostream I wondered to myself why I don’t know of this guy? His work is great! So I looked further and found myself enjoying the experience. As I scanned through the amazing colour photographs of Chuck Patch I reached a point where I got an odd black and white photo here and there. Upon first glance it didn’t strike me as something I should focus on, but when I looked again I noticed that those black and whites were old. They looked like 1970s old! So that is when I popped over to his Flickr profile page to read a little more about him. It turns out Chuck has been shooting for years and years! He is a very experienced photographer and he has a huge collection of interesting black and whites from the 1970s that he shares on a dedicated tumblr account. Back to his Flickr stream.