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Street Photo of the week by Helen Levitt

Helen Levitt is our choice for this weeks Master of Street Photography. Documenting life post the ‘Great Depression’, Helen Levitt’s work presents the ordinary. No special event, no decisive moment, just kids playing, people passing, wives gossiping , virtually nothing other than the stuff of day to day life. By doing this and being consistent in her vision Helen Levitt is able to extract this mundane from it’s drudgery and elevate it into something which resonates even today. Far from being nostalgic her work appears to capture recurring moments in everybody’s lives making it shine.

Featured photo

Street Photo of the week by Stephen Foster

Every month, we share a photograph of one of our StreetHunters.net Readers in our Street Photo of the Week special. This time around it is with great pleasure that we introduce to you Stephen Foster a rising star in Street Photography that is from the UK. Stephen is still looking for his style, experimenting with different approaches and lately stepped back in time and took up film photography in an attempt to broaden his mind in this exciting photographic journey. Luckily for us and all the StreetHunters.net Readers that are part of the private Google+ Community we run, we get to witness Stephen’s progress and experimentations on a daily basis. We get to feed on his raw enthusiasm for Street Photography and get inspired to open the door of our apartment, our home and just head out and take pictures! Stephen is learning, as we are all, but he is also a good advisor, always being honest, he will never reply with a “great shot” comment, he is a hard judge of his own work, modest and seems to have loads of fun when shooting.

Featured photo

Street Photo of the week by Gustavo Minas

Today we travel all the way to the exotic Brazil to meet the colourful Gustavo Minas! Gustavo works and lives in Sao Paolo where he works as a journalist. Photography and especially Street Photography is his passion. He shoots mostly in colour and he has a keen eye for the perfect timing. If you visit his flickr profile you will notice how easily he captures moments, frozen in time, moments that surround us all every day but we let them just pass us unnoticed. He is part of the www.street-photographers.com global collective and also a member of a Street Photography collective in Sao Paolo called selvaSP. He photographs anywhere. He offers his viewers busy urban shots, uniquely spotted isolated moments, creative selfies and amazing colour combinations. He is a master of light and shadow and uses the sharp Brazilian sun to his advantage in order to make stunning images.

Featured photo

Street Photo of the week by Lee Thatcher

Lee Thatcher is a Street Photographer from the UK. If you visit his About page on his website he mentions that he likes to make photographs of anything that interest him. His portfolio is mostly in mono with a very few exceptions and in the 1:1 format (again with very few exceptions), usually shot with an iPhone and then processed in various apps. When looking through his work, you get a feeling of looking at photographs from another time, that is the reason why we are somewhat reminded of Daido Moryiama and William Klein’s early Harlem New York shots. These two artists could possibly have played an important role in Lee Thatchers photographic journey, but only he would know that for sure.

Featured photo

Street Photo of the week by Khalik Allah

Khalik Allah is a Street Photographer from New York, USA that works in Harlem. He shoots in the streets day and night using a Nikon F2 film camera with a Nikkor 55mm 1.2 Lens and Kodak Porta film. As he himself says, he became a photographer the minute he started using a fully manual camera. In his words, he likes a camera that he can dictate, a camera that he can tell it what to do. According to Khalik knowledge increases when you walk the streets holding a camera in hand, documenting the moments that present themselves to you. So doing Street Photography increases his knowledge and through that he better understands himself. It is a process of learning and evolving. Khalik Allah is a Street Photographer that has been inspired by life surrounding him but also and most importantly by his father, who used to take him out when he was young and photograph him. When he got older he asked his father for that camera. The minute he got his father’s camera, his first manual camera, a whole new world opened up in front of him.

Featured Photo

Street Photo of the week by Saul Leiter

This week, we recognise Saul Leiter as the Master of Photography he surely is. Dying, alas, always brings images of the person to the fore and for most the homage bears upon a single image or series. For Saul Leiter this is impossible. Even though known for certain attributes such as; having a ‘painterly quality’ in his photographs which his contemporaries didn’t, or being able to use colour to push the emotional feeling in his images. He is known for colour rather than an image. Having looked through as much as we can find of his oeuvre we noticed Leiters work always appears to be peeking out or through, almost always another pane of glass between him and the happening he photographs,not just the lens.

Featured Photo

Street Photo of the week by Craig Anderson

Craig Anderson is a StreetHunters.net Reader and an active member of our GooglePlus Community. He posts photos sparingly but the photos he shares always have something to “say”. Craig describes himself as a simple guy who loves taking photographs and lives and works in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, born and raised. Photography is his passion and he believes that it will undoubtedly drive him insane someday. As he mentions on his GooglePlus profile, “I shoot people and I think I can stop time”. Well Craig, you do that quite well and for that reason we have chosen one of your photos as Street Photo of the Week!

You can see more of Craig Anderson’s photographic work on his GooglePlus Profile at https://plus.google.com/u/0/+CraigAndersonPhotographer/posts or his website.

Featured Photo

Street Photo of the week by Lukas Vasilikos

Lukas Vasilikos is a world recognised contemporary Street Photographer from Greece. He lives in the greater Athens area and works almost anywhere, depending on where the road takes him. The work of Lukas Vasilikos is inspiring and moving. It impacts the viewer in all sorts of different ways. He is a “polymorphic” photographer that manages to create using many different styles, but one thing is always common amongst all his photos. Emotion. Emotional photography is something very hard to achieve. To make viewers feel strongly about something, by reminding them of things from their life, by moving them, by provoking them is indeed a talent that is very hard to find.

You can see more of Lukas Vasiliko’s photographic work on his Flickr page at http://www.flickr.com/photos/vasilikos/ or his website. You can also visit his YouTube Channel to view slideshows of his images.

Friday Feature

Street Photo of the week by Meljoe San Diego

Meljoe San Diego is a Street Photographer that lives and photographs in Pangasinan in the amazing Philippines. What makes Meljoe San Diego’s work stand out and immediately recognisable is the style of his photography. High contrast, black and white photos of the busy streets of his home town, full of motion and energy. Besides shooting fast paced action Street Photography, Meljoe San Diego slows down on occasion to create masterful compositions of Street Photography  that blow one’s mind away. If you visit his portfolio you will find images that keep you glued to the screen, images that want to make you just stop and look. You can see more of Meljoe San Diego’s photographic work on his Flickr page at http://www.flickr.com/photos/37409260@N02/.

Man with bandage by Fred Herzog

Street Photo of the week by Fred Hertzog

With a number of Masters across the internet we thought we would feature a lesser know/recognised Master ; Fred Hertzog from Stuttgart, Germany but most widely known primarily for his photos of life in Vancouver, Canada. He focuses on the working classes mainly and at a time when many were using black and white he used colour slide film. For us at least the glorious use of muted colour whilst documenting unposed street life just at the turn of mass marketing,media and change of identity on our streets gives his individual eye. He is able to imbue his images with a serenity and innocence without losing a sense of individuality  of the characters within his scenes.