Street Photo of the week by Andreas Neophytou

Street Photo of the week by Andreas Neophytou

Photo of the week by Andreas Neophytou

Street Photo of the week by Andreas Neophytou

Andreas Neophytou is a Street Photographer that is from Cyprus and is currently based in sunny Nicosia. Andreas is a professional photographer, but not the type of photographer you usually happen to meet. He is a Police Photographer and Crime Scene Examiner. Personally I think that is highly interesting and exciting. Images of Weegee come to mind, shooting the crime scenes of NY in the 30s.

When Andreas isn’t shooting crime scenes, he shoots in the streets of Nicosia. He is a highly talented Street Photographer that understands light and shadows and has a keen eye for interesting compositions that make a photo pop. He has a preference of shooting close-up and wide. He likes capturing colour and black & white and photographs from various points of view and angles. Taking a look at his portfolio, one sees a plethora of very interesting photos.

Andreas is a part of the B.U.L.B. collective, as well as the In[+]frame collective. He is also a member of the Readers Flickr group that is slowly growing into one of the best Flickr groups on Street Photography!

If you are interested in seeing more of Andreas Neophytou’s work you can visit his flickr portfolio at and on his portfolio pages at B.U.L.B. and in[+]frame at and!neophytou-p1/fm3xk respectively.


Untitled by Andreas Neophytou

Geometry, balance and light. This is what this photograph is all about. Andreas has really made a great photograph here. What is clearly seen here is a shot that is separated into four parts. Each part plays a role in creating the final result. There are two dark parts, the top and bottom right and two parts that are more bright. But let us start the journey through this photograph following the way my eye moves around the picture.

On first glance my eye fell upon the intersection of all four parts. For me the impact of the white wall against the other black parts of the photo was huge. The silhouette in the right lower third attracted my attention just after a few moments. It stood out, shaped there against the dark wall that is illuminated by a light. Instantly my eye jumps to the far right of the photograph to the other silhouette of two or three people. They seem as if they are climbing the slope made by the total darkness in the bottom right hand side. They are pointing upwards and that leads my eye to the white line that splits the top black part from the bottom illuminated dark wall. That white line extends all the way to the far left of the photo. As my eye moves, I see a face. A white face, looking down at me. This is a masterful photograph in so many ways and I think that Andreas has chosen well to share it in black and white. B&W strengthens the shapes, makes the light stand out and gives the silhouettes and the white face a strong definition. A truly amazing shot.

Thanks Andreas Neophytou!

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  1. This is an incredible image perfectly composed and exposed. You cant ask for a better B+W street shot than this one. Sadly he hasnt added it to his flikr photo feed yet and so I cant “fav” this one. Its a no brainer favoriite. I agree with all the points stated in the blog article. Definitely should be a contender for Image of the Year award for 2015

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