Street Photo of the week by Boris The Flash

Street Photo of the week by Boris The Flash

Photo of the week by Boris the flash

Street Photo of the week by BORIS THE FLASH

This is one of those weeks when I make a pick that requires me to do an extra amount of research on a photographer. It has happened to me before and I usually find something on the web, a little piece of information that I can work on in order to present you with some background information on the street photographer responsible for the photo of the week. Well, this time, I haven’t found any information about BΘRIS THE FLASH as he spells it. The only thing I know about this amazing street photographer is that he uses a flash (hence the name) and that he is a member of the Full Frontal Flash collective, a collective of street photographers that is dedicated to flash street photography. Further investigation into Boris and his work makes me speculate that he is from Bender, Moldova and that he lives in Israel, or he might visit Israel very often, since the majority of his work feels as if it is shot there. The other thing I know about Boris is that he is a huge contributor to the Flickr group. But that is all I know about this talented and daring Street Photographer, so Boris, man, if you are reading this and would like to share more info about yourself with us, please feel free to contact us.

You can see more of BΘRIS THE FLASH’s photographic work on his Flickr account at, or on the “Full Frontal Flash” website on the section about him at


"Untitled" by Boris The Flash

Ironically, even though I have discovered Boris as a street photographer through his amazing full frontal flash work, it is one of his photos seemingly taken without a flash that has especially caught my attention. I might be mistaken and Boris might have used a flashgun here, but my understanding is that he hasn’t. I remember this photograph had the familiar “stop and stare” effect on me when I first stumbled on it while moderating the Flickr group. I was instantly captivated by the composition and the remarkable layering. This photograph has it all. There is a leading line in the middle of the photo that leads to the marble construction the man in the blue t-shirt is sitting on, there are layers of subjects all perfectly placed on the photographic canvas giving it a three dimensional feeling, the colours are beautifully complementing each other and of course there is a smiling face with joyful eyes, looking straight into Boris’ camera at the very bottom of the frame. The photo is simply amazing!


About this weekly feature,

As you know, every Friday we feature a photograph of a Street Photographer on our website. The Street Photographer that is featured is selected by the Street Hunters team.

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