Street Photo of the week by Chu Viet Hà

Street Photo of the week by Chu Viet Hà

Photo of the week by Chu Viet Ha

Street Photo of the week by Chu Việt Hà

I always enjoy discovering new Street Photographers that produce great photos! I enjoy it even more when I discover them through our Flickr group! Today, it is with great pleasure that I introduce to you Chu Việt Hà from Hanoi, Vietnam, originally from Bac Ninh. Unfortunately he is another “mystery” Street Photographer, meaning that there is not so much information about him online, other than his photos, so I can’t really say much about him other than that his work speaks for itself.

You can see more of Chu Việt Hà’s photographic work on his Flickr account at I discovered him also on Facebook at

Morning in Hoi An

Morning in Hoi An by Chu Viet Ha

You can’t help but wonder WTF is going on in this photograph! It is so bizarre. Why? Well I ask myself what is that dude doing there, half naked in the street, wearing no shoes? It seems as if he has a flower pot instead of a head and the way his body is shaped reminds me of a table or another piece of furniture. Is he actually an outdoor piece of furniture?!? His sandals are off, and so is his shirt. He is bending over, exposing his back to the sky and he seems to be frozen there in this most awkward of positions. What is amazing and adds to the mystery of this photo though is that the passers-by seem to not notice him at all. They are minding their own business, running and cycling casually. That makes me wonder even more about what could possibly be happening here. Compositionally, the photograph is nicely balanced. There is nice triangular shape that is composed by the three human elements and the way the photographer has positioned himself enhances that triangle even more since the street lines extend towards or run kind of parallel the top corner of the triangle I mentioned before. The colour palette of the photo is superb. From my point of view the colours just fit together perfectly and the emphasis given to the table-man with the red coloured flowers is great. All in all a splendid photograph!

Thank you Chu Việt Hà!

About this weekly feature,

As you know, every week (or so) we feature a photograph of a Street Photographer on our website. The Street Photographer that is featured is selected by the Street Hunters team.

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