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It’s hard to top a great day of shooting. Even a mostly fruitless excursion can be considered a success add long as you know there’s one good shot on that memory card..When shooting digital, the urge to immediately review and begin editing can be terribly irresistible. Knowing you have just one great shot on that card can trigger an almost child-like state of impatience.

And if you’re like me, you more than likely snuck a peek at your shots on the LCD. Yes, I’m most definitely guilty of this and I guarantee it does nothing to settle the urge to edit.

But rushing to edit what you just know is a killer shot, or shots, isn’t necessarily the smart move. After a year of taking street photography seriously, I can humbly offer some advice that has worked for me… wait.

Marseille - Stairs Rue Du Lacydon by Stefan Wuelser


Today we have the pleasure of sharing with you all, a Free ebook that has been offered to you the StreetHunters.net Readers by Street Photographer Stefan Wuelser. Stefan Wuelser is a Street Photographer that uses the amazing compact camera Ricoh GR, that another one of our Readers, Buru Llwyd reviewed a while back. We are extremely fond of that camera here at StreetHunters.net, even though we have never had the chance to own or review one thoroughly.

But, let’s get to the juicy part, the ebook. We took a look at it and found the photographs interesting and we all agreed that you would appreciate this fine gesture. We thought that since Stefan wishes to share his work with you then why not! So, we asked him to write a few words about “Lights of the South” for us. There is none other better qualified than the author himself to describe his own book, right? So here it is:

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Summer slacking


Dear Street Hunters,

The summer is upon us, at least for all of us on the northern hemisphere and everything feels and possibly is more relaxed and toned down. The summer is a perfect time for experimentation, trying out new and exciting things or just moving out of our comfort zones in order to see what will happen. That usually happens automatically by just going on holiday, but as Street Hunters, we can also adjust our Street Photography behavioural patterns to adapt to new habits and situations, just to spice things up.

As you might have guessed, here at StreetHunters.net (here being a virtual plane of existence, since we are everywhere and nowhere but exist as digital information within the matrix of the web) we have had an itch for a break. So, we thought that it would be just great to take a week or two off and recharge our batteries while at the same time shooting Street Photography without the pressure of having to make a good shot in order to share it on a daily basis on our website. Switching to summer mode gives the brain a chance to think on other levels and in different speeds and gives us all the opportunity to take on a fun awesome summer project. A project that doesn’t feel like a project, but more like a game! Great huh?

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Street Hunt 09 - Street Photography Video Tutorial


Once again I find myself in Athens, walking the busy streets of the capital of Greece and one of the noisiest cities in Europe. Bursting with life, Athens has so many stimuli that sometimes the brain automatically shuts most stuff out. I have noticed this happen to me many times, when reviewing my Street Hunt videos. I see shots I could have made, things that happened, that I didn’t notice when I was actually there, walking the streets.

In today’s video I start shooting where I left off from my previous Street Hunt #08. As I mentioned then in that video, I was going to shoot one roll of film and then end the video. That is what happened. I shot all frames and then I ended the video. But, me being me and wanting to shoot more, I had my digital Sony NEX-6 with me full of batter and with an empty SD card, just begging to be used, so I started a new Street Hunt, this one, Street Hunt #09! So, during this video I travel from Akademias avenue all the way down to Plaka that is the area under the Acropolis. I twist and turn and go up and down little streets and on the way I shoot the people of the city of Athens, doing their daily tasks. Finally I walk up from the centre of Athens all the way up to Pagrati and end the video. You might not know these areas, but I am mentioning them nevertheless just in case you ever want to retrace the Street Hunt.

NOTE: This Blog post is Part 2 of 2. You can read Part 1 here


As the StreetHunters idea became a reality and took flight, the pressure increased. The pressure to deliver the goods. The challenge was on. I had to produce images and I had to write about my journey as a StreetHunter. This was, and still is, no easy feat. I had just dipped my toes into street photography’s waters and I was still definitely at the shallow end of the pool. Both Rob and Spyros had some experience. I had very, very little. It was exciting and intimidating, this challenge… but I welcomed it. I sweated and stressed over it, but I welcomed it. I was falling deeply in love with street photography and I wanted to become a great Street Hunter. I wanted to be a good photographer. Once I embraced the fact that being part of this project would give me the support, the encouragement and the push to develop my skills, it was, and has been, pedal-to-the-metal.

But, it hasn’t been a smooth ride. Like any creative endeavor, each success was followed by multiple failures. Personally, there’s been several moments of doubt. And the StreetHunters project hit rough patches as well. But anything good is worth fighting for and fight we did.

Cosyspeed Camslinger 105


Dear StreetHunters.net Readers, this is the first official review that we are writing and the lucky product that will be reviewed is the Cosyspeed Camslinger Camera Bag. Since we haven’t done any reviews ever before and we have no experience writing one what so ever, please understand that we might not do a perfect job on the first go. What is important though is that we will write the Cosyspeed Camslinger Camera Bag review objectively, based on the experience after using it for nearly one month in the streets. It is imperative that you, our Readers receive our honest opinion. We think it is equally important for the product makers to get an honest opinion also.

In this review, we will examine the Cosyspeed Camslinger Camera Bag from different aspects and we will look at various factors that make it the product it is. So, here is the list of things we will look at / examine in our review:

  1. Size / Weight
  2. Varieties
  3. Product quality
  4. Durability
  5. Ergonomy (usability & comfort combined)
  6. Selling point
  7. Price / Value for money

For each point we examine, we will give the bag a grade from 1 to 10. So for example if we like the size we will give it an 8 or 9 or 10. If we don’t, we will give it a 2 or 3 or 4 and so on and so forth. At the end, we will add up the points, divide them by the number of things we examined and get an average score. Of course one important thing you should take into account is that we will look at this product from a Street Photographer’s perspective only. So let’s get to it!

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X100s RicohGR LeicaM

NOTE: This is a Guest Blog post written by Buru Llwyd for www.streethunters.net


Although I’m a very shy person, and into street/documentary photography, I always try to force myself into taking the photos that I’d like to get. There’s no other way around it. Also I feel the need to use flash because of the preferred dynamic look I’d like to get. It’s quite surprising sometimes how people in general don’t seem to mind or are that bothered or even don’t notice at all. I’ve had plenty of people question and debate this type of photography on the street and within my circle of friends, but at the end of it, there is no law against it. A little confidence goes a long way.

As much as I tend to try and steer clear from wasting money on camera after camera, sometimes it happens. Sometimes you do see a camera that just makes you stand up and think “wow I’d love to have that”. Or you may see a camera that you’d just like to try just for the experience, even if it is a stupidly priced one. Cameras that suit you as a person are always important, even if it IS a ten thousand pound medium format kit or a cheap and cheerful disposable holiday camera.

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    As some of you may have picked up from earlier posts or comments in my other life I’ve been dragging myself through a 3d animation course for the past 2 years, and having just come out of it on the other side, Spyros wondered how animation, another arts/ creativity subject, could help and influence a street photographers work..

    There is of course the immediate difference between moving images and still, but in animation each and every frame, each still will have been worked rigorously to be part of the overall moment and ensure the realistic presentation of a character or something moving. I mean every frame and each controller has been pushed tweaked , forced to comply with the terribly stringent rules of animation. Animation is endlessly time consuming, and even when it’s done…gah! I could have done more.

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    NOTE: This Blog post is Part 1 of 2. You can read Part 2 here


    Just barely over one year ago, I began my Street Hunters adventure. Needless to say, it has profoundly affected my life. It has turned into an obsession. It went from being an experiment to a full-blown addiction. Fourteen months ago, if a psychic would have told me I would be consumed by street photography, I would have laughed. If they would have told me I’d forsake hours of sleep poring over images, researching street photography’s masters out writing blog posts like this… I’d laugh harder. And if they would have told me I’d go crazy editing for the weekend, checking the weather forecast and basically praying for a few good hours to shoot… I’d be in tears.

    But, it obviously would have all been true. Truth is, I’m thankful to be in the grasp of this thing that we do. I’ve pursued other creative endeavors before. I’ve been a journalist and a musician, and still enjoy making some noise now and again. And I followed my heart with each of those artistic notions. However, I didn’t see street photography coming. It wasn’t even on the radar. The reality is, I was pushed!

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    Street Hunt 08 - Film Street Photography Video Tutorial


    During this Street Photography video Tutorial I have been shooting in the busy streets of Athens, the capital of Greece. I start from a part of Athens called Pagrati, walk to an important Athenian landmark, called Kalimarmaro and then up the Athens Gardens and all the way to Syntagma Square, the centre of the city. During my walk this time I use a film camera instead of my trusty Sony NEX-6. The concept behind this Street Hunt is to share with you each and every shot on that roll. A roll has 36 shots, I manage to get 35. Unfortunately I shot one while I wasn’t recording and wasted it. So, at the end of this video you will have seen 35 film shots. You will notice that the experience is different to that of my digital camera. The shutter sound of the film camera is very, very silent, but the lack of any stabilisation technology leads to some blurry shots unfortunately. Luckily only a few.