Vote for the 20 most Influential Street Photographers of 2015

Vote for the 20 most Influential Street Photographers of 2015

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Poll for the 20 most influential Street Photographers is now CLOSED


Let me start by saying WOW! What an amazing amount of comments! Tens of shares, hundreds of likes! The participation on last week’s post “Searching for the 20 most Influential Street Photographers for 2015” was staggering! Thank you so much Street Hunters for taking the time to stop by, give our post a look and share your thoughts and your suggestions!

The original list of 20 Street Photographers the Street Hunters team recommended has now grown to 75 Street Photographers thanks to all of you! Wow 75 Street Photographers!!! This is so exciting!

A special thanks

Before I present the list, I would like to thank MzKimb for recommending me. MzKimb thanks! However even though you did recommend me and I respect and appreciate that more than you can imagine, it didn’t feel right to me to add myself to this list, since I am the one setting this whole thing up. I hope you understand the reasons why I have excluded myself. This doesn’t mean I don’t feel deeply humbled by what you said in your comment, don’t get me wrong. I will continue to try and inspire you with my work and I hope I don’t ever disappoint you. Thank you so much for giving me even more motivation!

Meet the recommended Street Photographers (Poll is further down)

Let’s meet the Street Photographers that all of us recommended and get to know them all through their work. I have to admit, I was positively surprised discovering simply amazing Street Photographers I didn’t know about! Street Photographers with amazing portfolios! Through all your suggestions, you have not only made this possible, but you have also enlightened us -the Street Hunters team- by showing us more fantastic artists, more Street Photographers to get inspired from.

Here are the 75 names of Street Photographers that have been recommend in random order. Click on each Street Photographer’s name to view their website, flickr, facebook or tumblr:

  1. Thomas Leuthard
  2. Alex Webb
  3. Eric Kim
  4. David Gibson
  5. Khalik Allah
  6. Kristin Van den Eede
  7. Ruddy Roye
  8. Tao Liu
  9. Zack Arias
  10. Mary Ellen Mark
  11. David Alan Harvey
  12. Boogie
  13. Valerie Jardin
  14. Dirty Harrry
  15. Ed Templeton
  16. Kevin “Shakes” O’Meara
  17. Narelle Autio
  18. Rinzi Ruiz
  19. Bruce Gilden
  20. Stella Johnson
  21. Marius Vieth
  22. Take Kayo (Bigheadtaco)
  23. Susan D. Phillips
  24. James Maher
  25. Bernd Schaefers
  26. Rodolphe Sebbah
  27. Chuck Jines
  28. Marie Laigneau
  29. Trent Parke
  30. Jesse Marlowe
  31. Rui Palha
  32. Björn Larsson
  33. Jianwei Yang
  34. Brian Sokolowski
  35. Justin Vogel
  36. Salvatore Matarazzo
  37. Barry Talis
  38. Junku Nishimura
  39. Mirela Momanu
  40. Rohit Vohra
  41. Vineet Vohra
  42. Josh S. Rose
  43. Jason Maloney
  44. Manish Khattry
  45. Tatsuo Suzuki
  46. Tavepong Pratoomwong
  47. Caspar Claasen
  48. Holly Northrop
  49. Marco Larousse (Hamburgcam)
  50. Rammy Narula
  51. Jimmy Dovholt
  52. Stavros Stamatiou
  53. Larry Hallegua
  54. Olivier Bekaert
  55. Nicholas Goodden
  56. Matt Hart
  57. Satoki Nagata
  58. Maciej Dakowicz
  59. Marc Manabat
  60. Kevin Horn
  61. David Goldblatt
  62. Matt Stuart
  63. Rod Clark
  64. Georgie Pauwels
  65. Martin U. Waltz
  66. Victor Bezrukov
  67. Stelios Efstathopoulos
  68. Dimosthenis Kapa
  69. Martin Meijer
  70. GL Brown
  71. Fernando Leyder
  72. Torsten Hendricks
  73. Yves Vernin
  74. Ibarionex Perello
  75. Shin Noguchi

Before we all vote

So, now the second stage of the process begins. The time where all of you get to vote the 20 most influential Street Photographers for 2015. Before you vote though, I would like to stress that this is a poll for:

The Most Influential Street Photographers

This means that we are are voting for those that have affected our own work, our own perspectives, our likes and our interests in Street Photography. Those that have motivated us to do Street Photography, those that have taught us, have shared with us and have been our inspiration.


You can vote for as many Street Photographers as you like. You can vote only once. You can vote until next week, the midnight of the 6th of April Central European Time. You can share this page on Social Networks if you feel like doing so. The more votes we get, the more objective the results:


Deadline is the midnight of the 6th of April Central European Time.


The Street Hunters team is sooo very excited with the way this post if evolving into a resource for some of the greatest names of contemporary Street Photography with your amazing help! We can’t wait to see the results! Thank you all!

Stay Sharp & Keep Shooting!


  1. Spyros, you really should be on this list too… I have learned so much from your street hunts!!!! – so one vote for you too!!! 🙂

    • Thank you very much Andrea! We didn’t know of Eolo, but after looking at his work we can see why you have recommended him 🙂
      Unfortunately we are not accepting any more suggestions at the time. Maybe next year!
      Ciao e grazie!

  2. Instead of “Influential Street Photographers”, it may be cleverer to poll about “Best Street Photographers” to measure photographers against an artistic scale.

    Some of the names in the list are people that only use a bit of photography to do their self-promotion… (Saddly, may be the most influential ?)

    • I think “influential” is an intelligent name on this “some” event; not to say “informal” competition. The name design draws attention from you and me and other people dedicated to SP, it is a “peers evaluation” and one of the prerequsits is that the person is active in SP now. Putting up a poll about the best SP´er would signal a more commercial approach, and there are dusins of those around. Good work Spyros&companions!

  3. I quickly looked at the first 20, like a preview, and closed half again because the sites were unclear and confusing about where to look. So I guess the sites are as important as the images….

  4. Great way off looking at it as it, as its who affected your work and for me that has always been Sion Fullana and a shame he isn’t in the list.
    Will go with either Boogie or Thomas Leuthard going to be hard to pick between those 2

  5. Thanks for including me on the list! I’m not even sure how I got in the list. I was out shooting at Grand Park Downtown LA the other day when my friend Mark Rosales (who I think should have made the list) told me about this; and I thought it was just an April Fools’ prank for me, but then went out and check and saw my name, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to run, roll on the grass or jump and shout! …It’s such an honor to be part of something like this! Just being in the 75 is more than enough. Again thank you! Keep shooting!

  6. its scary that some people get more votes than alex webb or trent parke! it shows me the social media users have no idea about street photograpy…please wake me up

    • Maybe Alex Webb and Trent Park have no idea about social media. The word influential is more bound to social media than photography. How many free blog post, ebooks or videos have Alex Webb and Trent Park published? Probably none. They are sure good photographers, but just by the fact that the make good photos, they don’t really help aspiring street photographers.

    • The list is crowd sourced. All last week was suggestion week. At this time we do not accept any more suggestions. We recommend you subscribe to our blog so you are updated and next year, during suggestion week you can then make your recommendations.
      Stay Sharp & Keep Shooting!

  7. I found it very hard to judge. The talent shown here was quite overwhelming to me, and I wanted to limit my vote to the best 20 street photographers! (i had not read the instructions properly :)). I do think that the criteria for judging will be slightly different to most viewers. Between artistic merit and influential skills, many interpretations can come into play. But this is ok. To each their own understanding of what influence stands for, and their own experience of being influenced by others – should this be their work, their writings, their workshops, or anything else fundamentally changing our perceptions of the genre, expanding our imagination and helping us grow as a photographer ourselves.

  8. Hi. Great list. Very inspirational. Number 32 in the list goes to a Swedish guys Facebook (Björn Larsson). He has no images relating to Street photography that I could find nor links to any portfolio. I have written to him to ask but as of yet not received a reply.

    A message to all photographers featured (and others contemplating a portfolio web site). Take an hour to visit all the web sites listed and ask yourself these questions:
    “Does portfolio have a wow factor? Is it easy to navigate? Do images load quickly?”

    Some portfolio are fantastic (I am not judging the content). They load fast, you get a immediate impression of the photographers style and they are easy to navigate.

    Others are not.

    Great work.

  9. Voted for a handful of artists that made an impression on me, but would like, would have to add that Thomas Leuthard’s work and literature made me realize that a street photographer is actualy what I’m trying to be…and also helped me a lot in the process…it’s early to say, but, if I’m ever to be a street photographer I’ll owe it to Thomas Leuthard… fine art everybody!!! best regards!

    • I don’t really agree with you, Chuck. I Agree that all these photographers are recognized.
      Some are recognized because they have a fabulous body of work.
      Some are recognized because they have a fabulous network of contacts on FB and so on…

  10. Congratulations to Rui Palha who got 1180 votes in 7 hours!
    It’s several times what all the other photographers together got in the same period of time (I have a screenshot) !
    Seven hours ago he had 2.71 % of the votes, and was 9th.
    The 1st was Thomas Leuthard with 6.68% and 880 votes.
    Now, more or less the trend is the same for all the photographers except for Rui Palha who became first with 1180 votes ( 3.3 more votes than 7 hours ago) and 9.2% of the total votes.
    Great performance! Congratulations !
    I’ll keep an eye on this exciting run for victory !

  11. On ground of “merit of d street photographer” I m not in position to appreciate,comment or judge d participants bat one thing I can assert wid full confidence dat on grounds of humbleness,gentleness our Manish Khatrry may stand small example of it I may wish to quote.Despite d fact dat every candidate is allowed to appeal on social media and having a long list of heavy weight well wishers our Manish Bhai ddnt even bothered to make any such appeal or request of his own.may GOD bless him with all success in his life and good health.

  12. ~~~~ अग्रिम बधाईयाँ मनीष जी … पार्टी तो बनती है !!!! ~~~~

  13. Sorry to say this, but with a few notable exceptions, the list is a demonstration of visibility over ability. <<<<<This. No offence anyone but anyone who understands photography would agree. DAH with a couple hundred votes? Heard of Magnum, Burn Diary? What Street Photography is NOT is Photographs of 'People in the street'. Oh how SM has changed people perceptions of 'good' to 'heard of'

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