Vote for the 20 most influential photographers for 2017!

Vote for the 20 most influential photographers for 2017!

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The poll for the most influential street photographers of 2017 is now closed


Last week we asked you “Who do you think will be the 20 most Influential Street Photographers in 2017?” and you generously made your suggestions. Thank you very much!

The number of names of the final voting list is 124 Street Photographers including the names added by us, the Editorial Team. This is so exciting!

Names got filtered out

Before we share the list of names with you, we would like to tell you that we filtered out many names that didn’t meet the criteria of this project. Through this list we want to share names of Street Photographers that are doing things for the community now. So we removed any names of photographers that have passed. Also, we got quite a few names of photographers that even though they shoot Street, they don’t really focus on that genre all that much. We are not looking for photographers that shoot street occasionally, but street photographers that are very influential names in the street photography community.

Meet The Recommended Street Photographers (Poll Is Further Down)

Let’s meet the Street Photographers that all of us recommended and get to know them all through their work. Here at we are all very excited with all the Street Photographers that you suggested! Thank you for introducing us to so many new names!

So without further ado here are the 124 names of Street Photographers that have been recommended in alphabetical order. Click on each Street Photographer’s name to view their website, flickr, facebook or tumblr:

  1. Aaron Berger
  2. Alan Schaller
  3. Alex Webb
  4. Alfredo Oliva Delgado
  5. Arsenio Jr Nidoy
  6. Barry Talis
  7. Becky Frances
  8. Bernd Schäfers
  9. Blake Andrews
  10. Boogie
  11. Boris the Flash
  12. Bruce Gilden
  13. Casey Meshbesher
  14. Charalampos Kydonakis (Dirty Harrry)
  15. Charlene Winfred
  16. Chris Candid
  17. Chris Moxey
  18. Chu Việt Hà
  19. Constantine Manos
  20. Craig Reilly
  21. Daido Moriyama
  22. Damon Jah
  23. Daniel Arnold
  24. David Alan Harvey
  25. Devin Allen
  26. Dimitris Makrygiannakis
  27. Don Springer
  28. Dougie Wallace
  29. Ed Templeton
  30. Elizabeth Char
  31. Elliott Erwitt
  32. Enrico Markus Essl
  33. Eric Kim
  34. Fabrizio Alessi
  35. Fadi BouKaram
  36. Figueredo Véliz
  37. Forrest Walker
  38. Gabi Ben Avraham
  39. Graciela Magnoni
  40. Gueorgui Pinkhassov
  41. Hajdu Tamas
  42. Hans Severin
  43. Harry Gruyaert
  44. Ian MacDonald
  45. Ibarionex Perello
  46. Ilan Ben Yehuda
  47. Jacob Aue Sobol
  48. Jens Krauer
  49. Jimmy Lee
  50. Joel Meyerowitz
  51. John Free
  52. Jon Luvelli
  53. Jonas Dyhr Rask
  54. Jonathan Higbee
  55. Josef Koudelka
  56. Josh White
  57. Kerem Nasipoglu
  58. Kristin Van den Eede
  59. Lauren Welles
  60. Leandro Leme
  61. Linda Wisdom
  62. Maciej Dakowicz
  63. Marco Larousse
  64. Maria Kappatou
  65. Marie Laigneau
  66. Marius Vieth
  67. Mark Alor Powell
  68. Markus Andersen
  69. Martin Parr
  70. Martin U Waltz
  71. Matt Hart
  72. Matt Stuart
  73. Melissa Breyer
  74. Michael Duke
  75. Michail Moscholios
  76. Michele Liberti
  77. Mirela Momanu
  78. Muhammad Imam Hasan
  79. Nick Turpin
  80. Nicole Struppert
  81. Noppadol Maitreechit
  82. Ola Billmont
  83. Oliver Krumes
  84. Patrick Casutt
  85. Patrick La Roque
  86. Pau Buscato
  87. Peter Kool
  88. Rammy Narula
  89. Retha Ferguson
  90. Reuven Halevi
  91. Richard Kalvar
  92. Rinzi Ruiz
  93. Rohit Vohra
  94. Roy Rozanski
  95. Roza Vulf
  96. Ruddy Roye
  97. Salvatore Matarazzo
  98. Sam Ferris
  99. Sasikumar Ramachandran
  100. Sean Maung
  101. Siegfried Hansen
  102. Skander Khlif
  103. Soumya Shankar Ghosal
  104. Stacy Kranitz
  105. Stella Johnson
  106. Stephen Leslie
  107. Stuart Paton
  108. Suzanne Stein
  109. Swarat Ghosh
  110. Sylvain Biard
  111. Take Kayo
  112. Taras Bychko
  113. Tatsuo Suzuki
  114. Tavepong Pratoomwong
  115. Teresa Pilcher
  116. Thomas Leuthard
  117. Thomas Salzmann
  118. Torsten ‘Teekay’ Köster
  119. Trent Parke
  120. Valerie Jardin
  121. Vineet Vohra
  122. Yiannis Yiasaris
  123. Ying Tang
  124. Yves Vernin

Before We All Vote

So, now the second stage of the process begins. The time where all of you get to vote the 20 most influential Street Photographers for 2017. Before you vote though, we would like to stress that this is a poll for:

The Most Influential Street Photographers for 2017

This means that we are are voting for those that have affected our own work, our own perspectives, our likes and our interests in Street Photography. Those that have motivated us to do Street Photography, those that have taught us, have shared with us and have been our inspiration .


You can vote for as many Street Photographers as you like. You can vote only once. You can vote until next week, the midnight of the 10th of February Central European Time. You can share this page on Social Networks if you feel like doing so. The more votes we get, the more objective the results:


Deadline is the midnight of the 10th of February Central European Time.


The Street Hunters team is sooo very excited with the way this post if evolving into a resource for some of the greatest names of contemporary Street Photography with your amazing help! We can’t wait to see the results! Thank you all!

Stay Sharp & Keep Shooting!


    • Hello Michael, thank you for commenting. Garry Winogrand isn’t included because we are looking for street photographers that are alive. Robert Frank wasn’t nominated by our readers.
      Thank you

    • Yo Marius. Firstly, I don’t have another comment from you on this blog post. I don’t know what happened to your comment, but this is the only one I have. Secondly, I don’t approve comments within the hour. I am out shooting and working so I approve comments when possible, sometimes 1 day later! OMG!!! 😀 Patience is virtue my friend. Positivity and good vibes 🙂

  1. Spyros my man, sorry buddy. Having a rough week here, sorry for pushing so hard. Please take your time man and keep shooting and doin what you love. My comment can wait for weeks then. I just thought that maybe something happened with the form or whatever. Yeah, impatient Germans haha

    Stay awesome and keep spreadin the good vibes, love it! 🙂


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