Street Photo of the week by Gustavo Minas

Street Photo of the week by Gustavo Minas

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Street Photo of the week by Gustavo Minas

Today we travel all the way to the exotic Brazil to meet the colourful Gustavo Minas! Gustavo works and lives in Sao Paolo where he works as a journalist. Photography and especially Street Photography is his passion. He shoots mostly in colour and he has a keen eye for the perfect timing. If you visit his flickr profile you will notice how easily he captures moments, frozen in time, moments that surround us all every day but we let them just pass us unnoticed. He is part of the global collective and also a member of a Street Photography collective in Sao Paolo called selvaSP. He photographs anywhere. He offers his viewers busy urban shots, uniquely spotted isolated moments, creative selfies and amazing colour combinations. He is a master of light and shadow and uses the sharp Brazilian sun to his advantage in order to make stunning images.

You can see more of Gustavo Minas’s photographic work on his Flickr Profile at or on his website.


"Untitled " by Gustavo Minas
“Untitled ” by Gustavo Minas. This image has been used with the consent of the original artist.

The work of a Modern Day Master Photographer. This photo by Gustavo Minas, combines Yellow, Green and Blue in an excellent, intriguing way! It could be argued that this colour combination selected by Gustavo is a tribute to Brazil since that is where the photograph has been shot! The man in the right of the image, is wearing the same colour yellow T-Shirt as the Road sign and the car in the background. Notice that the man is hanging onto a green fence, that is in front of a green wall. As the eye moves into the background the green colour continues to extend and the eye follows as it lands on the green store with the yellow car. But the eye doesn’t stop there. Another green store can be seen further back and after that green trees. And once this natural continuation of colours has been digested the Brazilian blue sky, bright and vibrant, comes to lock all the colours together into an amazing composition of depth, light, shadow and rich colour. There is one more thing though. One more important part of the image that defines the whole composition. The man’s eyes!

Thank you Gustavo Minas!

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