Dear Readers,

The first time we shared Khalik Allah’s work with you was back in March 2014 when we featured one of his awesome photos. If you missed that feature back then, we recommend you check it out. It is well worth the read.

Then, in July 2014 we were very lucky to get a chance to interview Khalik Live from his studio in NY / USA. Khalik is an amazing person, highly empathic, really aware of his surroundings and with strong beliefs about what he does and where he stands. He is a solid Photographer and also Filmographer that loves using film for his projects. Khalik’s interview was one of our best and we highly recommend you take the time to watch through all of it so you can get to know more about him and his unique work. Khalik is a respectable and talented individual and I consider myself gifted to have met him, even if it was online.

In August 2014 Andrew wrote a wonderful piece on Khalik Allah, in the “Under the influence” weekly series of posts and explained in his own words how Khalik’s need to express, to create, to convey his message have influenced him in his Street Photography. An inspirational read from a great writer about an amazing artist.

Indiegogo UK StreetHunts


Dear Readers,

Since the first Street Hunt video was first launched 9 months ago we have reached 1100+ YouTube Subscribers and more than 32000 views. Even though the Street Hunt videos have been liked by many and we consider them an important source of Street Photography practical information, we want to make them better! So we asked some of you for ideas and we got requests to make Street Hunt videos in other cities! Great idea right?!

So we thought that we would reach out to you via Indiegogo and ask for your help to organise the first UK Street Hunt videos! For our first UK videos, we would like to visit London and Brighton. Both cities are busy, very, very interesting and full of Photographic opportunities, especially for Street Photographers.

By shooting Street Hunt videos in other parts of the world, we hope to make the viewing more interesting, we hope to increase the chances of meeting other international Street Photographers and we also hope to get to share with our viewers new locations and different cultures!


The SHRC is open to the public!

A while ago, we started a GooglePlus Community called the Readers Community or as we like to call it the SHRC. The goal of this community was for it to be an exclusive, private virtual ground for Readers to share their work, have it critiqued, to participate in games, to discuss many interesting topics and more. What we didn’t want, was for the SHRC to become one more photo dumping Community.

To ensure the quality of the SHRC, we made some simple rules. To make things even simpler, we made those rules into pictures, so all our Readers could easily go through them without having to waste to much time. In addition and most importantly, we selected a team of highly efficient and dedicated Moderators to make sure that those rules were met and to keep the Community quality high. The Moderators, Anton Fortein, Klaus Scherer, Stephen Foster and Edward Conde are always on top of things and we thank them for their work. Cheers guys!

Announcement - PotD replaced with PotW


As you might have understood from the title of this Announcement, the Picture of the Day is going to stop. Instead of a Picture of the Day, we will be sharing a Picture of the Week. Please let me explain why in a few words.

The reason why

Since May 2013, we have each been posting one photo every day (except Sundays). That is more than 1000 photographs combined!

When we first started posting for it was all about sharing our photographic work. We wanted to be something like a collective, so sharing our images was essential. Since then has evolved from that original idea into a resource for all things Street Photography and now has a planned vision for the future. This planned vision involves more guest posts, regular weeklies, interviews, street hunt videos, contests and more. Things that are generally useful and interesting.

Andrew and myself want to focus on posting more quality blog and video posts for you but at the same time we need to improve on our own Street Photography. We feel that we need to make wiser selections when sharing one of our photos with you and in addition we want to have the time to explain how we made each photograph we share. We believe that sharing this kind of knowledge and expertise will be of more value to you and to us, than just posting a Photo every day.

Street Photography 101 online workshop

Street Photography 101 – Online, tailor-made Street Photography workshop

Street Photography is an art that can be taught both online and offline. Here at we offer Street Photography 101 as an online 1 to 1 course (One tutor one student) and we are planning to offer an offline workshop in groups of 10-12 students, in the future. Both types of workshops have their benefits all you have to do is see which type works best for you.

Here I will explain why an online workshop is as good as an offline group workshop, if not better.

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Casper Macindoe

Fellow Street Hunters

It has been my enormous pleasure and privilege to be part and parcel of Street Hunters. Not only has my own practice developed and grown beyond my wildest imaginings but I have had the chance to work with two guys who tirelessly give their all to bring you inspiration, information and ……….. Alas though, it’s time for me to retire from the fray and move my focus from photography to animation.

Channels of communication will of course remain open and should you wish to remain in contact then please by all means drop me a line on . I hopefully won’t disappear into the ether like a Gandalf of the internet 🙂

Most especially in our G+, I have found the camaraderie between image makers a real surprise, and an honour to be part of and I’m sure the erudite critique, happy backslapping and overwhelming conviviality will very much be missed.

Street Huntes are now on a Summer Break


Dear Street Hunters,

As you might have guessed, from our latest post “10+1 Fun and Exciting Summer Street Photography Projects!“ we have all be struck by the summer groove, the summer bug or whatever you would like to call this feeling. Summer is upon us and the sea is inviting, the sun is hot, people are in the streets enjoying “outside time” and everything is in the summer, happy, “let’s have a cold beer” mood!

What’s the plan?

So, I am posting this short announcement today to inform you all that we will be taking a summer break and going into “Radio Silence” mode for a few days. We will not be gone for long, just 10 days. On the 18th of August we will start posting again, starting from our daily “Pic of the Day” and our weekly posts, as you all know them. We have discussed some changes to the routine, nothing crazy, just to get things more in sync with our other activities (work, family, etc). So, from the new season we will be posting on our website, as follows:

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Rinzi Ruiz Interview

Rinzi Ruiz

For this weeks special guest on the Street Hunters G+ Hangout ‘The Pub’ is Rinzi Ruiz. A prolific photographer from Los Angeles .
Now producing only colour work from the streets ,Rinzi combines effortless minimalism with keenly observed street scenes, which when married create an unexpected stillness and serenity within the gaudy City of Angels.

Your invited to join us this Sunday 27th of July at

12:00 PDT – 14:00 CDT – 15:00 EDT – 20:00 BST – 21:00 CEST – 22:00 EEST

so you can meet and question one of the worlds most well known contemporary street photographers alive!

Khalik Allah Interview

In the week’s ‘Special Guest’ slot at The Pub – the bi-weekly hangout, we are joined by one of the most distinctive Street Portraitist, whose images reveal in no uncertain terms the ravages of life and time in a head on collision of uncomfortable. Khalik Allah’s body of work demonstrates an unswerving eye, and a razor sharp vision coupled with a level of intimacy which delivers a kidney punch of reality drawing you in mesmerized and open mouthed.

Born in 1985, Khalik Allah is a multi-faceted director, filmmaker and photographer whose street photography is visually storytelling at its grittiest. Shot in vibrant color film with an aged, grainy quality, Khalik’s cinematic vignettes document hardscrabble life at the corner of 125th Street and Lexington Avenue in Harlem (New York City). His vision is like no other, with the bulk of his photographs captured in utter darkness relying solely on available light from neon signs, street lamps, and shop windows. When Khalik isn’t documenting Harlemites, he can be found making films and directing music videos. Khalik shoots a vintage Nikon F2 with a 55mm f1.2 lens. He’s also a member of Elephant Gun, a global, contemporary photography collective. See even more of Khalik’s work on tumblr.

Fair Witness

We are really proud to support photographer David Lykes Keenan in his Kickstarter bid to bring his Street Photography Photobook to our bookshelves, so are hugely excited to announce he will be joining us live from New York THIS Sunday 15th June at 8pm GMT, for your questions about his book and photography.

Before you visit our Hangout, take a look at David’s page and read about his Street Photography Photobook project. In the page you will also find links towards his Kickstarter page and ways to share his Kickstarter project on Facebook and Twitter. Once you visit his Kickstarter page you will be able to read more about his project, view a video and some image samples from the book. Since David started this project we at have been supporting him on a daily basis by sharing a Photo of the Day from his book on all our Social Media channels and by placing a banner on our home page.