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"American Girl" by Andrew Sweigart


The 23 year old Bruce Springsteen sang a song about a girl named Mary from Arkansas when he was auditioning for his first record deal in 1973. The rest, as they say, is history…. But had he taken a street photo of Mary, Queen of Arkansas in the present day the story could have been a little different.

The Arkansas Senate has recently passed bill SB79, the ‘Personal Rights Protection Act’ and its implications for photographers taking photos of any resident of Arkansas are hugely ominous. The bill can be seen to be banning the publishing of street photography there outright.

Announcing Digby Fullam


Dear Readers,

As you might remember, a while back our dear friend Casper Macindoe retired from the brand for personal reasons. Casper was a creative genius and a wonderful person, our team’s zen master. Always creative, tranquil and helpful. Him leaving left Andrew and myself struggling to keep up with the flow of things and the fast pace we had set for by then. Happily, we have managed to succeed, especially with the help of Anton Fortein and the other SHRC moderators that have completely taken over management of our GooglePlus Community. This gave us some extra time to work on our website’s content and to keep it constantly up to date. Exhibition day


A couple of weeks ago, we had posted that the 1st official Readers Exhibition was up and open to the public of Athens, Greece. Well, since then many people visited, enjoyed our collection and expressed their interest in our work.

Last night was the last night of the exhibition and we went and removed all the photos from the venue. It was a nice couple of weeks with some good exposure for the Street Hunters that participated and the brand. It was a unique experience for us and we enjoyed every moment of it!

Street Hunters Exhibition at Mosaic Bar / Athens Gallery


A while back, Andrew, Casper and myself had the idea of organising the 1st official Readers Exhibition. This exhibition was going to be something like a warm up, a preparation for more future exhibitions. For this first attempt we only invited members of the SHRC ( Readers Community) to participate. The members of the SHRC are highly involved in anything we like to try with and we really appreciate all their support, dedication and understanding they have shown us over the past year. If you would like to become a member of the SHRC, all you have to do is ask. If you have some Street Photography work in your G+ portfolio your acceptance will be swifter.

Most favourite photo for 2014 by Simon Ashmore


As mentioned in every Monthly Theme Contest we have had in 2014 and also in our post called “The photos of the 2014 calendar!”, at the end of the year of 2014 we asked you to choose your favourite photo out of the 12 winning shots. That favourite photo, as we promised, is to receive a winning prize. The prize is a free Street Hunters calendar that will include all the photos from all the Monthly Theme Contests of 2014! Hurray!

Happy Holidays Announcement

Dear Readers,

This is our 2nd official Holiday season as Street Hunters and we are very excited with the way things are evolving!

So, we would like to take this opportunity to say a special thank you to all of you for being here, supporting us, understanding us and pushing us to keep on going. Sometimes it is tough, but we persist and here we are only months away from our second birthday! How exciting! All thanks to you!

Website is clean from Malware and protected against attacks


Dear Readers,

Some of you might have noticed an ugly red screen popping up when visiting our website pages today. The reason for that was because our website had been attacked by a very nasty and very fresh Malware that only appeared on the Interwebs 4 days ago on Sunday. Our website got attacked and successfully infected yesterday and then again very early in the morning today.

About our security policy

We take security very seriously at and we do not leave things to chance. Our website had all the latest security patches installed when the attack took place and is also backed by a highly respected security suite since it first launched keeping our data and you safe from almost all possible attacks. Unfortunately this latest attack was by a brand new Malware that struck us very quickly indeed, before our security software had any chance to update.

Announcing the winner of the Cosyspeed Camslinger Contest!


What an exciting month that November has been! Not long ago Cosyspeed asked us to hold a special Street Photography contest for you the Street Hunters Readers, in order to celebrate a new CAMSLINGER release. The brand new CAMSLINGER 160 Street edition! We thank the guys at Cosyspeed for this smashing collaboration. We loved it!

What was the contest about

What we had asked you guys to do, in case you missed the contest post, was to try and replicate as best as possible the famous photo by Henri Cartier-Bresson known as the “Decisive Moment”! Then Cosyspeed would look through all the photos and would choose a winner! The winner would be the photo that looked closer to the original and would win the Cosyspeed CAMSLINGER 160 Street edition! Awesome!

Today is the day!

So the day has come for us to unveil the winning photo! Additionally we will share with you all the total 15 photographs that we received, along with the name of each Photographer. We thank you all for your participation and congratulations to the winner!

Announcing Trip to Hamburg sponsored by Cosyspeed for a special Street Hunt recording!


Dear Readers,

It is with great pleasure that we announce today that a representative will be heading off to Hamburg on the 12th of December for 3 days to meet the guys of Cosyspeed and film (record) a special Street Hunt! This special Hamburg Street Hunt will be sponsored by Cosyspeed. Thanks guys!!!

If you don’t know who Cosyspeed is, it is the cool company that makes those awesome CAMSLINGER camera bags that we reviewed in the past. You can read the “Cosyspeed Camslinger Camera Bag Review” here.