Public Art – Months Of Photography Pafos

Public Art – Months Of Photography Pafos

Public Art in Pafos, Cyprus

The Cyprus Photographic Society- Paphos Branch is going all-out with their Months of Photography program! Along with the previously announced workshop with Jason Eskenazi, The Road Not Taken, the CPS-Paphos is unleashing a series of events over the months of March, April and May that will appeal to the street hunter. These events include PUBLIC ART, a competition which will result in a series of nine parallel exhibitions throughout the coastal city of Paphos.

PUBLIC ART is a challenging invitation to photographers in and outside of Cyprus. The CPS says the aim of this project is to “take photographic art close to the public apart from exhibiting in conventional rooms/galleries.” The nine winners of this competition will have the opportunity to have solo exhibitions in cafes, bars and other places in Paphos for 21 days for only 20 Euro. The deadline for entry is March 17th and the guidelines for submission can be found here:

But PUBLIC ART and The Road Not Taken workshop aren’t all the CPS has to offer during the Months Of Photography program. There are several free events over the course of three months available to all. For example, Charalambos Nicolaides has a presentation on the work of Daido Moriyama. Michael Moscholios, curator of Bulb Photos Collective has a presentation, “The Modern Photography in Balkans-The Role of Bulb-Photos”. There are movie screenings, including “Pen, Brush and Camera”, a film about Henri-Cartier Bresson’s life. Cypriot photographer Anikitos Charalambous also offers a presentation of his work. Forced Confinement/Women’s Ward is another free lecture and photo exhibition that focuses on women’s prisons.  

There is also The Wall, a year-long installation of photos in an open public space, aiming to decorate a depressed area of the city with photos from all over Cyprus and abroad.

Months of Photography has a free photo workshop for kids 10-14 years old. The aforementioned Moscholios also offers a two-day workshop for a fee.

The CPS has laid out an engaging and intriguing program with Months of Photography and is on it’s way to meeting their objectives of offering the public of Cyprus quality events about photography and providing opportunities for Cypriots and other photographers to be trained while building a platform for communication and collaboration.    

More information, including dates and times of events, can be found at:

Public Art in Pafos, Cyprus


Cover picture by Hendrik Braet – Street Still Life finalist



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