About the Street Hunters 2016 Calendar

About the Street Hunters 2016 Calendar

Cover photo of the 2015 Street Hunters calendar by Paul McCarthy


Hello Readers and Happy New Year!

We hope you had an amazing holiday season and we wish you the best for 2016. May you be fuelled with inspiration and creativity and may you have your best Photographic Year yet!

Winners of 2015 please send in your photos

In one of our previous posts “The photos of the StreetHunters.net 2015 contests!“, we asked the winners of the previous months to send in their photos in high resolution for print. The calendar at this moment only has 2 high resolution images from 2 of the winners, so we need the other lucky 10 Readers to send in their photos in high res too. We will wait until the end of the week (Sunday the 10th of January), but then we will proceed with the low res images we have. Each month with a low res image, might not print as well as we hope it to print, which will be a shame, so make sure you get your high res photos to us if you can! Ideally we would like to wait a little bit longer, but since the first week of January has already nearly finished, time is pressing.

SH Yearly Calendar winner

So, dear winners, please send in your photos again, this time in high resolution of at least 240p, just as you would do for print! We will be needing them for the calendar in good quality.

Thank You To All for your Participation!

Congratulations to all the winners and super congrats to Paul McCarthy for having his photo being voted as the most favourite photograph of all the winning shots of 2015. Paul, as soon as all photos (or most of them) are delivered to us in high resolution, we will send that calendar over to you free of charge!

Stay Sharp & Keep Shooting!


  1. What about asking for the photo’s every month from the people that make it to the voting stage?
    And if the photo has not been submitted by the time the voting is over, they are disqualified?

    Waiting almost a year for the January-March winners to submit their photo is expecting too much. I suspect some probably put down their camera or some probably don’t read the blog anymore etc. Too much can happen in just a few months, let alone a year.

    Also, what is “240p”?

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