VIA! Street Photography from Hamburg to Palermo

VIA! Street Photography from Hamburg to Palermo

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Fabian Schreyer + Venice + April 2015

Attention, Streethunters and fans of street photography! If you’re in Rome between January 29th and April 3rd, there is an exhibition that begs to be seen!

‘Via!- Street Photography from Hamburg to Palermo’ is a show that is a result of a great cross-national photography project. Beginning in October 2014, ten photographers, five each from Germany and Italy, shot daily life on their home turf. The project continued for 52 weeks with the photographers capturing all the unexpected, surreal, tragic, funny, weird and thoughtful moments of everyday life. Released in cooperation with the Goethe-Institute, the project will soon be available for all to see. Via!- Street Photography from Hamburg to Palermo

The five German photographers are Siegfried Hansen, Guido Steenkamp, Marga van den Meydenberg, Michael “Monty” May and Fabian Schreyer. Italy is represented by Umberto Verdoliva, Stefano Mirabella, Mary Cimetta, Giorgio Scalici and Michele Liberti. The intention is to not only show everyday life in the two countries, but also to depict cultural and social differences or commonalities through the eyes of the native photographers. I’ve seen some sample images and they look fantastic!

If you find yourself in or near Rome between January 30th and April 3rd, make tracks for the Museo di Roma in Trastevere! Let us know what you think of the exhibition!


Cover picture by Hendrik Braet – Street Still Life finalist



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