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Street Hunt No 10 - Beach Street Photography


This time I have decided to do something a bit different and so instead of hitting the streets as I usually do, I have visited the large beach of Rethymno, my home town here in Crete and made some photos there. I made this video in mid August when the sun was scorching hot. There was lots of bright sunlight! So bright in fact that I couldn’t walk outside without a hat and sunglasses on. As you will see in the Street Hunt No 10 I start my walk from one end of the beach and walk all the way to the where the actual street ends, about 2.5 km to the east.

During my walk this time I use a film camera again. This time I use the legendary Yashica Electro 35 GTN, the model that most photographers consider the flagship Electro amongst all the versions that were ever released. Yashica guy explains everything you need to know about the Yashica Electro 35 GTN if you are interested in reading more about this amazing camera.

The concept behind this Street Hunt is to share with you each and every shot on the roll I used. A roll has 36 shots but I managed to get 37 or 38! You will notice that the experience is different to that of my digital camera. The shutter sound of the film camera is very, very silent. You can hear the manual winder cranking but sometimes the shutter release is inaudible! A perfect tool for Street Photography!

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Street Hunt 09 - Street Photography Video Tutorial


Once again I find myself in Athens, walking the busy streets of the capital of Greece and one of the noisiest cities in Europe. Bursting with life, Athens has so many stimuli that sometimes the brain automatically shuts most stuff out. I have noticed this happen to me many times, when reviewing my Street Hunt videos. I see shots I could have made, things that happened, that I didn’t notice when I was actually there, walking the streets.

In today’s video I start shooting where I left off from my previous Street Hunt #08. As I mentioned then in that video, I was going to shoot one roll of film and then end the video. That is what happened. I shot all frames and then I ended the video. But, me being me and wanting to shoot more, I had my digital Sony NEX-6 with me full of batter and with an empty SD card, just begging to be used, so I started a new Street Hunt, this one, Street Hunt #09! So, during this video I travel from Akademias avenue all the way down to Plaka that is the area under the Acropolis. I twist and turn and go up and down little streets and on the way I shoot the people of the city of Athens, doing their daily tasks. Finally I walk up from the centre of Athens all the way up to Pagrati and end the video. You might not know these areas, but I am mentioning them nevertheless just in case you ever want to retrace the Street Hunt.

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YouTube Interview with Rinzi Ruiz

Rinzi Ruiz Hangout Interview

It was a complete pleasure for the Street Hunters team and guests to meet and chat with Rinzi Ruiz last Sunday evening in one of the bi-weekly hangouts.

Modest and totally committed, Rinzi was happy to share the what, where and how of his workflow and methods. From the start of his career, in the dark times of ‘layoffs’ Rinzi’s quiet immutable determination to improve himself and his skills neither shouts nor fire a flashes off in your face but rather walks, each step with a purpose. By breaking down how he works Rinzi gave insights into his planning, creation, and editing processes throughout the interview.

If you were not able to make it, we heartily recommend you watching the interview here.

Stay sharp, keep shooting!

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YouTube Interview Khalik Allah

Khalik Allah inteview

In the hangout last night a couple of technical glitches. So with that in mind I would like to apologise to our American cousins whom may have thought the Hangout started an hour later than it did in reality. The cause : British Summer Time which adds an hour and it appears this doesn’t get factored in when Google publishes the event time.

And as you will find at the end of the interview Khalik is cut off mid flow. The cause : My personal internet connection. As host all the bells and whistles emanated from my computer and as the World Cup final came to a close , either peeps turned on or off their computers and my internet dropped out closing the chat abruptly.

But I insist you watch on the YouTube channel
because I for one have never been so inspired to put down my camera and leave it to the people with passion, insight, and dedication as Khalik Allah. Enjoy.

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Street Hunt 08 - Film Street Photography Video Tutorial


During this Street Photography video Tutorial I have been shooting in the busy streets of Athens, the capital of Greece. I start from a part of Athens called Pagrati, walk to an important Athenian landmark, called Kalimarmaro and then up the Athens Gardens and all the way to Syntagma Square, the centre of the city. During my walk this time I use a film camera instead of my trusty Sony NEX-6. The concept behind this Street Hunt is to share with you each and every shot on that roll. A roll has 36 shots, I manage to get 35. Unfortunately I shot one while I wasn’t recording and wasted it. So, at the end of this video you will have seen 35 film shots. You will notice that the experience is different to that of my digital camera. The shutter sound of the film camera is very, very silent, but the lack of any stabilisation technology leads to some blurry shots unfortunately. Luckily only a few.

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Street Hunt 07 - Manual Focus Street Photography Video Tutorial


Carnival season is over here in Rethymno and life is back to normal. Luckily for me and for the rest of Rethymno is that the tourist season is now on and people are beginning to visit our little town for the summer. So, things are not dull, but they are not crazy either. They are somewhat in between. This time I am in the streets at mid day, the sun is shining and the weather is hot. Most people are napping or at the beaches swimming so the town is not very busy but it is still active. More and more people will start arriving as the weeks pass and things will get more interesting, but for now the place is perfect for shooting with a Manual Focus Legacy Lens!

This Street Photography video Tutorial a.k.a. Street Hunt is all about shooting with your modern mirroless camera and high quality Legacy Glass using an adapter to connect them both. In the introduction I will talk to you a bit about how to set up your lens, what you need to do so your camera and your lens work properly and then I will hit the streets shooting manual focus with the help of focus peaking technology and zone focusing. You will notice that manual focusing is fairly easy and if done right, it can be much faster than auto focusing.

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Street Hunt no6


This Street Hunt has been shot during the Carnival Day which is considered by many as the most amazing, most crazy day in Rethymno, my home town. In the video I start in the late afternoon around 1 hour before sundown and continue an hour into the night, following the excitement all the way until the end of the Carnival at the grand bonfire and the fireworks. During the video you will notice that the streets are completely packed with people dressed in all sorts of costumes. I try to blend in and take some photos of everyone having fun but I also look for people that are out of place. I always find “out of place” individuals very interesting and if I can, I try and snap them.

In this video you will see lots of laughter, mini parties, joy, funny faces and crazy stuff! You will experience Intrusive Street Photography with a Flash see how amazing this style of Street is. I am not an expert in this style, I have only practised it a few times, but I really push myself this time, mostly because people during Carnival day are more loosened up and don’t mind having a flash stuck in their face and being photographed.

My Gear

In the video I use my APS-C Sony NEX-6 with various settings, depending on the situation but mostly Flash on, a narrow aperture and Manual Focusing with zone focusing. I have pre-focused at about 1m (3 feet) so everything from around 50cm to 2m is in focus mostly. I have added annotations in the video to make sure that I communicate those settings to you all. There is lots of noise and confusion, so I think the annotations will help. The lens I use is a 20mm f2.8, equivalent to 32mm full frame. Zone focusing works with this focal range better. Larger focal ranges are harder to zone focus.

So, stick around, sit down, relax, grab a piece of pizza or whatever makes you feel comfortable and enjoy this month’s paranoid Street Hunt!

Stay Sharp & Keep Shooting!

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Street Hunt no5


The Street Hunt that I will be guiding you through today is very interesting and unique in it’s own very special way. Why you might ask? Well, the Street Hunt No 5 has been shot during the night of Tsiknopempti. Ok, so what is Tsiknopempti and how to I pronounce that word? Ha! Well it is the one day the year that people of Greece celebrate by eating only grilled meat! So, on a typical night like this, the streets are packed with people, that are mostly drunk and stuffed with grilled food. In the air there is the smell of grilled chicken, grilled pork, souvlaki, sausages, you name it! Everyone is happy, everyone is excited and everyone is enjoying themselves! Laughter, parties, joy! All the things that let people loosen up and let a Street Photographer like me take their photos with ease. Some even ask to have their photos taken. It is just great!

But that isn’t the only thing that goes on during this night. Because Tsiknopempti is the last Thursday before the official Carnival day, people are already warming up for Carnival Sunday by walking in the streets dressed in funny costumes! Those costumes, add to the fun and excitement and help the people loosed up even more.

My Gear

In the video I use my APS-C Sony NEX-6 with various settings, depending on the situation. This time I have added annotations in the video to make sure that I communicate those settings to you all. Because of the night this is shot, there is noise and confusion, so I think the annotations help. The lens I use is a 35mm f1.8, equivalent to 50mm full frame. I love this lens because it is perfect for nearly any situation.

So, stick around, sit down, relax, grab a bowl of pop corn, or whatever makes you feel comfortable and enjoy this month’s crazy Street Hunt!

Stay Sharp & Keep Shooting!

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Street Hunt 4


Today’s video is interesting because my Street Hunt takes place in a completely different environment to what you are used to seeing until now. This Street Photography video has been shot in Athens, the capital of Greece. A city with a great and amazing history, a city that is full of millions of interesting people!

In this Street Hunt I walk from Zografou all the way down to Gazi in the centre of Athens. It is a long walk through different versions of Athens. You will see me take photos in the cosmopolitan Panepistimiou avenue, shoot street in some other parts of the Greek capital that are more dodgy, I will speak to amazing characters to ask for Street Portraits and I will take a photo of a Red Door.

In the video I use my APS-C Sony NEX-6 with various settings, depending on the situation. The lens I use is a 35mm, equivalent to 50mm full frame. I love this lens because it is perfect for nearly any situation.

So, stick around, sit down, relax, grab a bowl of pop corn, or whatever makes you feel comfortable and enjoy this months busy, noisy, versatile Street Hunt!

Stay Sharp & Keep Shooting!

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Street Hunt 3

Dear Street Hunters Readers,

This time, the Street Hunt video has been shot during the night! I use my Sony NEX-6 at various ISO settings, depending on the available ambient light and I take a walk around the Old Town of Rethymno capturing night photos. I use a fast lens mostly wide open at f1.8. The lens is a 35mm, equivalent to 50mm full frame.

During this Street Hunt I talk about some of the Night Photography tips mentioned in our previous post How to shoot Night Street Photography! Gear, Techniques and Tips discuss ways to hide in the shadows and more.

As far as the video quality is concerned, I feel that the little Sony Action cam did quite a good job recording in low light. I do visit some really dark places where there is very little light, but even so there is enough visibility that I think doesn’t ruin the Street Night Photography experience of the video.

That’s all for now, please check out the video and let me know what you think of this 2nd attempt!

Stay sharp & keep shooting!

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