Street Hunt No18 – Street Photography in Thessaloniki, Greece

Street Hunt No18 – Street Photography in Thessaloniki, Greece

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Street Hunt 18


One month ago, I met Yiannis Yiasaris in Thessaloniki, Greece. Thessaloniki is the largest city in the Northern part of the country, and is a beautiful place that is focused on Culture and the Arts. Yiannis is a Greek Street Photographer currently living in Melbourne, Australia. He enjoys shooting all over the world (Tokyo, London, Greece and more!). If you follow our groups and Facebook, Flickr or GooglePlus you probably have seen his work before. He is a great Street Photographer and a wonderful person. He showed me around town and I have to say, I had the time of my life!

Before I continue, I would like to point something out. In the video you will see, I keep on pronouncing Yiannis’ surname wrong. The intonation should be on the second “a” not the first “a” in “Yiasaris”. 

So before I went to Thessaloniki, Yiannis and myself talked about filming a Street Hunt there. He liked the idea so that is what we did on the second day of my visit.

The Day We Filmed The Street Hunt #18 In Thessaloniki

It was a Saturday and we had had an eventful night before that involved all sorts of interesting things. I have written more about this in my previous post “Street Photography in Thessaloniki, Greece“. On the Saturday of the Street Hunt we got up as early as humanly possible to hit the streets of this beautiful city. If I remember correctly at around noon we reached the point where we had agreed to start filming. So we got right to it. We talked about Thessaloniki, about the floating bars (big old boats) that have this loophole that allows them to operate all through the night by sailing out of the city limits (smart huh?), we talked about historical places of the city, cameras and many more. It was drizzling that day, so there was a dull sky, but with some nice clouds which we tried to use as a background, and there were few people out with umbrellas too. The Street Hunt lasted for about 3 hours and I managed to fit the best 30 minutes of it in this video for you all to see.

So, right after we started we walked down the long main road on the Thessaloniki seafront. Then we took a right and shot some photos in the old harbour. It was windy there (might be windy in the video so sorry) so we decided to move along and changed our course for an area called Ladadika. Ladadika is a place where in the early 1900s people used to gather to enjoy a drink and a smoke. Now it is a place filled with little bars and clubs. It is busy in the night, but we walked through anyhow because it is such an interesting place to visit. Once that was done, Yiannis admitted to me that he had a surprise for me. He had arranged for me to be interviewed on Focus FM the local radio station. That was super exciting! If you are interested in listening to the interview you can, but it is in Greek. So you will have to know the language to understand. Once that was over, we continued into some alleys heading towards the city’s most famous square called Aristotelous Square. We enjoyed it so much there that we focused the rest of our Street Hunt in the square and its surrounding areas.

By the time we had gone through the square it was time for a quick beer. So we concluded our Street Hunt by visiting this cool cafe that actually has a roof garden that looks out on to the top of a church dome, but this dome is unlike anything I have ever seen. It was a dome made of tens of smaller domes, so the surroundings were unique to me and very interesting.

My Gear

In this Street Hunt video I am once again using my APS-C Fujifilm X-Pro1 with various settings depending on the light. 99% of the time, I used Zone Focusing, since that is what I prefer when shooting street. The lens I used was the XF18mm by Fujifilm that is equivalent to 27mm full frame. I can get close enough with that lens. As I do most of the times, before the end of the Street Hunt I popped my flash on as well to take advantage of the artificial light of the EF-X20.

For the next 30 minutes, relax, lean back and enjoy Street Hunt #18 shot in Thessaloniki featuring Yiannis Yiasaris! I am sure you will have a great time. I usually like watching Street Hunts having a beer and some pizza, maybe you can do the same?!

As always, in addition to the video I have made a collection of all the photos I shot, and I am also sharing with you photos made and shared by Yiannis Yiasaris. Thank you Yiannis for showing me around and for letting us share your work!

The Collection Of Images

If you want to check out each photo I have uploaded every image I shot in a dedicated Dropbox Album called Street Hunt 18.

View All The Street Hunt Photos Here

Additionally you can also view the photos made by Yiannis Yiasaris:

View Yiannis Yiasaris’s Photos Here

For more of Yiannis’ work, please visit his facebook page and his 500px page.

Stay Sharp & Keep Shooting!

The Street Hunt video

NOTE: If the video doesn’t work in the website directly, please visit the Street Hunters YouTube channel to watch.


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