Crit My Pic

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Initial thoughts

This week’s image has been submitted by Anton Fortein. It shows us a chap walking his dog coming out of a covered area into the bright light. Everything feels old, the buildings, the person, the dog, the strange cupboard on the right of the image, it feels, because of the building in the background, somehow New York. I chose this image because there is so little awry with it ,I was interested to find ways of taking what is already a great photo and pushing it to the next level.

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Initial thoughts

Hi Don,

I think there is a lot of energy in the pose of the musician, and definitely one for black an white as the contrast between shirt and cap and shoes I think really works. I’m not a fan of vignetting as I think it breaks the audience’s ‘suspension of belief’ – in that I mean if the vignetting is spotted then the viewer feels post production has been applied and somehow a lie has been told through the image.

New Feature - Crit My Pic

New Feature in Street Hunters

‘Crit My Pic’

In an effort to aid and abet Street Huner readers, Casper Macindoe will critique your submitted image. A visual critique from his perspective. Submission will be open for 48 hours and you can submit your image for review using the email on the contact page of the Street website. We have a feeling this maybe a popular feature on the site so only one image will be chosen per week and the resulting critique will be posted on the site. We won’t be charging for this service although it will take time and so if you do feel the urge to donate to the site – feel free. You can find donation buttons at the bottom of all pages.