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Street Photo of the week by Pau Ll Buscato

Street Photo of the week by Pau Ll. Buscató

This week we are featuring a photograph by the amazingly talented Pau Ll. Buscató. Pau Ll. Buscató is a Street Photographer living in Oslo, Norway. He is originally from Barcelona.

Before I continue, I would like to avoid any confusion in my writing by mentioning that the photographer’s name is “Pau Ll. Buscató”. The “.” is included in the name. Just keep that in mind when reading the post!

Pau Ll. Buscató is a Street Photographer that looks for sub-realities or alternate realities, or as he likes to put it:

“I photograph to show -myself- that if one scratches beneath the surface of our daily life’s ordinary events, it is possible to unveil a “transreality”, a “world behind the world” in which extraordinary things do happen. My purpose as a photographer is to open some windows into that other world, so that we can take a look into it. The best way for me to achieve this is by looking at the familiar with fresh eyes and an open mind.”

Pau Ll. Buscató likes to add humor to his photos and he achieves this by creating unreal compositions that only a Master Street Photographer could realize. Just visit his Flickr page to understand what I mean. I bet you that your jaw will drop! From today Pau Ll. Buscató is on my personal TOP 10 Street Photographers of all time list. He is simply brilliant. Enough said.

He is a member of The Street Collective that is an international group of photographers with main focus on Street Photography. You can learn more about The Street Collective on their website at www.thestreetcollective.com.

Street Photo by Riccardo Cattaneo

Street Photo of the week by Riccardo Cattaneo

Riccardo Cattaneo is an Italian Street Photographer that is based in Milan, Italy. He is a member of the Streethunters.net Readers Flickr Group where he regularly gets his photos published. Besides being a talented Street Hunter, Riccardo is also a graphic designer so he has a natural appreciation of composition and understanding of colour. These inherent skills have surely helped him with his Street Photography, because the work he produces is highly interesting. Some of you might know him by the name of Gerbi which is what he usually calls himself on Social Media. Gerbi’s work is colourful and exceptional. His images have a surreal quality to them and just by looking at them one understands that the person behind the lens knows his stuff.

Street Photo by Tavepong Pratoomwong

Street Photo of the week by Tavepong Pratoomwong

Tavepong Pratoomwong is a Street Photographer from Chanthaburi in Thailand. He has an amazing vision and all his photos have a story to tell combined with a great sense of humor. He shoots in colour and uses that colour to his advantage in a very clever way. Tavepong is a dedicated member of the Streethunters.net Flickr Group and we are pretty psyched about that. When scanning through his images it’s easy to see his tremendous talent. Each and every one of his photographs is so insane, and so bloody awesome you can’t help but gawk. Tavepong is one of those Street Photographers that everyone wishes they could be. He is exceptionally gifted and a true seeker of perfection. His photos are so good that each time you look at them it feels like you have discovered something new in your life.

Photo of the week by Rammy Narula

Street Photo of the week by Rammy Narula

Rammy Narula is a Street Photographer based in Bangkok in Thailand. As an artist he is drawn to the dramatic, the humorous and generally the emotions that surround him. Emotions are what it is all about for Rammy. He tries to capture as many as possible when roaming the streets with his camera. What he looks for are stories, interactions and meaningful moments with hidden or obvious messages and emotions. If you visit Rammy’s flickr page you will just gape in awe at the amazing moments and stories he has captured and shared. Compositions, light, surrealism, emotion – everything a viewer wants to see in a photo is in his work. His stream is an enjoyable trip through various mini fantasy tales.

Street Photo of the week by Abhishek Kiran Dani

Street Photo of the week by Abhishek Kiran Dani

Abhishek Kiran Dani is a Street Photographer living in Aachen, Germany. He is a member of the StreetHunters.net Flickr group and quite an active one too. Besides shooting in the streets, Abhishek is an avid self-taught and self-disciplined creative who loves sketching, listening to music, singing, playing harmonica, playing football, writing poetry, design, writing and cooking. He takes inspiration from traveling and likes to create photos with stories that express an experience. According to Abhishek:

Photo of the week by Kristin Van den Eede

Street Photo of the week by Kristin Van den Eede

Kristin Van den Eede is a Belgian Street Photographer who loves experimenting with geometric patterns, silhouettes and reflections. She prefers to isolate her subjects in her work. Her photography is surreal, full of meaning and messages, most of them humorous messages. She is an ambitious Street Photographer always trying to push her limits to the edge. This is something you can sense in her photography if you go through her photos in a chronological order starting from her early work to her most recent. As do many Street Photographers she gets inspired by music and other great photographers of our time. A special inspiration for her is her partner in art and life Kristof Vande Velde, a brilliant Street Photographer in his own right.

Street Photo of the week by Giorgia Ivone

I have known Giorgia Ivone for nearly over a year now. We met on line in the SHRC, the Street Hunters Readers Community on Google Plus. She is a very kind and enthusiastic person and clearly very passionate about Street Photography. She is Italian, currently living in Varese, Italy. She shoots in black and white most of the time and loves to capture the beauty of her country’s streets and share it on the web. During the time I have known Giorgia, her skills have only got better and her passion for the art has only got stronger. Her work has a quality that I admire and I always love to look at her photos in detail. She understands light and shadow and she always finds surprisingly creative ways to compose her photos. This quality is something that other people recognise too because I have noticed that her work gets rightfully shared and published online. I highly recommend you check out her work and connect with her on Social Media. You will not be disappointed.

Street Photo of the week by Cyrille Druart

Street Photo of the week by Cyrille Druart

Cyrille Druart is a French Street Photographer who was born in Paris and has been shooting in the streets since he was 23 years old. He enjoys traveling and taking photos in large cities, watching people interact with each other and their environment. He likes looking closely at their behaviours. At the same time he is intrigued by isolationism when presented in contrast to urban environments. Cyrille is especially interested in women and fashionable people. He shoots mostly in black & white and has a taste for highly contrasted, dark looking images. Originally a designer, he is creative and observant of elements that help him make interesting compositions.

Giuseppe Milo is an experienced Italian Street Photographer currently based in Dublin, Ireland. He has been studying photography and composition for a long time and has a good knowledge of the art. Even though he loves Street Photography he also enjoys shooting landscapes, architecture and events.

In addition to being a Photographer, Giuseppe is also a Web Designer & Developer and an expert in many fields of the web. Being a creative person has helped him build an intruiging portfolio of street photographs that he shares on line through his Flickr account and his website.