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Photo of the week by Lorenzo Lessi

Street Photo of the week by Lorenzo Lessi

This time on Street Photo of the week we are featuring a photograph by Italian photographer Lorenzo Lessi. Lorenzo has been a creative person since he was 6 years old. Most of his life he has been involved in advertising, design, fonts and colours and since 2003 he has moved into photography which has turned into a true passion of his.

He is a photographer who doesn’t care about what he uses to create a photo. What matters to him is that the result he has in mind, his vision, comes through in a way he wants it to. This is something that can easily be understood by the fact that he shoots digital, analog, colour and black & white without overthinking it. That is something that requires real talent. At least that is the impression I get from looking through his work.

Street Photo of the week by Pavlo Nera

Street Photo of the week by Pavlo Nera

Dear Streethunters.net Readers,

I know that it has been a while since I posted a “Street Photo of the Week” post, but I was terribly busy with all the Carnival preparations and partying! I managed to squeeze in two new Street Hunt videos that should both get published within the next couple of months and made a ton of photos. So apologies for the delay, and let’s get back to the “Street Photo of the Week” post.

This week we are featuring a photo by Pavlo Nera. As is sometimes the case, I couldn’t find information regarding Pavlo on his Flickr, so I started searching the web for more. The only few things I came up with were that he is from Ukraine and that he probably currently lives and shoots in the city of Lviv. Other than that, I also know that Pavlo is a member of the Streethunters.net Readers Flickr group. I don’t know if he is a full time photographer or an enthusiast or if he has been featured anywhere else, all I know is that the photo I chose for today is amazing!

Photo of the week by Barry Talis

Street Photo of the week by Barry Talis

Barry Talis is a Street Photographer I have been following for a while on Flickr. His work includes surreal flash street photography and wide angle close up shots that really grip the viewer’s attention. He lives and shoots mostly in the capital of Israel, Tel Aviv. Barry has a great understanding of light and knows how to manipulate it to the max. And when I say light, I mean every kind of light. He produces impressive photos with natural light, with a flash and with a combination of both. I think that he must really visualise the result of his photos before he clicks the shutter precisely. He is a photographer with empathy that searches for a part of himself in his subjects. He likes to combine that approach with interesting backgrounds and characters that contrast his main subject. But above all, he is a true ‘natural’ that discovered street photography by accident, or should I say was discovered by street photography by accident!

Photo of the week by Boris the flash

Street Photo of the week by BORIS THE FLASH

This is one of those weeks when I make a pick that requires me to do an extra amount of research on a photographer. It has happened to me before and I usually find something on the web, a little piece of information that I can work on in order to present you with some background information on the street photographer responsible for the photo of the week. Well, this time, I haven’t found any information about BΘRIS THE FLASH as he spells it. The only thing I know about this amazing street photographer is that he uses a flash (hence the name) and that he is a member of the Full Frontal Flash collective, a collective of street photographers that is dedicated to flash street photography. Further investigation into Boris and his work makes me speculate that he is from Bender, Moldova and that he lives in Israel, or he might visit Israel very often, since the majority of his work feels as if it is shot there. The other thing I know about Boris is that he is a huge contributor to the Streethunters.net Flickr group. But that is all I know about this talented and daring Street Photographer, so Boris, man, if you are reading this and would like to share more info about yourself with us, please feel free to contact us.

Pic of the week by Danielle Houghton

Street Photo of the week by Danielle Houghton

Danielle Houghton is a Street Photographer from Dublin, Ireland. She has been in love with photographer ever since she was a teenager and has been street shooting constantly since 2010. She is massively attracted to the “odd in the mundane and find[s] that suburban life can be nicely quirky”. Her photos are colourful, surreal and humorous and just a joy to look through. She feels that the real beauty of photography comes from the individuality of each and every one of us and the unique moments we all live that can never be repeated.

Danielle has had her work exhibited in London, and has also won a couple of Street Photography competitions, the Urban Picnic International Competition and the London Transport Museum’s ‘Sense the City’ competition.

Danielle is not only part of the “OBSERVE” international photography collective but she is also its founder. The “OBSERVE” collective is focused mainly on the practice of candid Street Photography. You can find out more about “OBSERVE” and the rest of the members of this amazing collective at http://www.observecollective.com. Danielle is the second member of this collective that we have featured. In August 2014 we also featured the charismatic Chris Farling.

Street Photo of the week by Ken Walton

Street Photo of the week by Ken Walton

Welcome to the first Street Photo of the Week for 2016!

I have been meaning to write about Ken Walton for some time now, ever since I saw one of his photos on the Streethunters.net Readers Flickr group a few months ago. I have been keeping my eye on him through the group and always find his work most interesting. But who is Ken Walton?

Ken Walton lives and shoots in San Francisco mostly. He shoots candid photos on the streets and is really passionate about it. In his own words he says:

“I take photographs of candid public moments that I find to be amusing, absurd, uncanny, or visually striking. Many call this street photography. I call it my obsession. It’s the most difficult and most rewarding form of photography, and I’m deeply passionate about it.”

Photo of the week by Andreas Neophytou

Street Photo of the week by Andreas Neophytou

Andreas Neophytou is a Street Photographer that is from Cyprus and is currently based in sunny Nicosia. Andreas is a professional photographer, but not the type of photographer you usually happen to meet. He is a Police Photographer and Crime Scene Examiner. Personally I think that is highly interesting and exciting. Images of Weegee come to mind, shooting the crime scenes of NY in the 30s.

When Andreas isn’t shooting crime scenes, he shoots in the streets of Nicosia. He is a highly talented Street Photographer that understands light and shadows and has a keen eye for interesting compositions that make a photo pop. He has a preference of shooting close-up and wide. He likes capturing colour and black & white and photographs from various points of view and angles. Taking a look at his portfolio, one sees a plethora of very interesting photos.

Andreas is a part of the B.U.L.B. collective, as well as the In[+]frame collective. He is also a member of the Streethunters.net Readers Flickr group that is slowly growing into one of the best Flickr groups on Street Photography!

Photo of the week by Stuart Paton

Street Photo of the week by Stuart Paton

This week we are featuring a photograph by Street Photographer Stuart Paton. Stuart Paton is originally from Scotland, UK. These days he shoots and lives in France.

Stuart has been interested in photography since he was a child. His dad used to have a dark room under the stairs in their home. Once Stuart had an understanding of photography, developing and printing he started using that darkroom to print his own photos. His father was his inspiration and the person who stimulated his interest in the art of image making, as well as the influential work of war photographer Don McCullin.

Stuart’s work came to our attention through our ever growing Flickr Group. We feel very lucky that we have such a vast library of amazing photos at our fingertips.

Photo of the week by Nick Asaro

Street Photo of the week by Nick Asaro

Nick Asaro is a Sicilian Street Photographer who is currently based in the picturesque Florence in Italy. Besides loving photography, Nick also likes riding his bicycle and playing the drums. He has had his work published in the 3rd issue of “The Street Photographer Notebook” by Alex Coghe. Nick’s work has also been shared on the UclickVframe website and was a finalist on one of Eyeem’s contests.

We discovered Nick in the ever growing Streethunters.net Flickr group that has become a treasure trove of amazing street shots from all over the world. We are very proud of this group. We recommend you visit it and join it!

Jonathan Higbee photo of the week

Street Photo of the week by Jonathan Higbee

Jonathan Higbee is a Street Photographer who emphasises storytelling. As a photographer he aims to capture moments that can be explained in many different ways. The most important part of a photo for Jonathan is the message hidden behind it. Jonathan’s work has appeared on leading blogs online and in national magazines.

Unfortunately we don’t have any more information about Jonathan. We managed to find out that he is currently in New York, but we don’t know where he is originally from. We also saw on his Flickr profile that he is a Journalist. He has been mentioned on the Huffington Post, on the website of our Reader and Street Photographer Alex Coghe, on the World Street Photography Awards and on the 7th issue of the Street Photographer Notebook.