Street Hunt No9 – A Street Photography video Tutorial

Street Hunt No9 – A Street Photography video Tutorial

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Street Hunt 09 - Street Photography Video Tutorial


Once again I find myself in Athens, walking the busy streets of the capital of Greece and one of the noisiest cities in Europe. Bursting with life, Athens has so many stimuli that sometimes the brain automatically shuts most stuff out. I have noticed this happen to me many times, when reviewing my Street Hunt videos. I see shots I could have made, things that happened, that I didn’t notice when I was actually there, walking the streets.

In today’s video I start shooting where I left off from my previous Street Hunt #08. As I mentioned then in that video, I was going to shoot one roll of film and then end the video. That is what happened. I shot all frames and then I ended the video. But, me being me and wanting to shoot more, I had my digital Sony NEX-6 with me full of batter and with an empty SD card, just begging to be used, so I started a new Street Hunt, this one, Street Hunt #09! So, during this video I travel from Akademias avenue all the way down to Plaka that is the area under the Acropolis. I twist and turn and go up and down little streets and on the way I shoot the people of the city of Athens, doing their daily tasks. Finally I walk up from the centre of Athens all the way up to Pagrati and end the video. You might not know these areas, but I am mentioning them nevertheless just in case you ever want to retrace the Street Hunt.

My Gear

In the video I use my APS-C Sony NEX-6 with various settings, depending on the situation but I mostly use a narrow aperture and Manual Focusing with zone focusing. I have pre-focused at about 1m (3 feet) so everything from around 50cm to 2m is in focus mostly. I have added annotations in the video to make sure that I communicate those settings to you all. In some parts of the video, due to the wind there is some noise, so I think the annotations will help. The lens I use is a 20mm f2.8, equivalent to 32mm full frame. Zone focusing works with this focal range better as I have mentioned before. Larger focal ranges are harder to zone focus.

So, stick around, sit down, relax, grab a piece of pizza or whatever makes you feel comfortable and enjoy this month’s Street Hunt!

Stay Sharp & Keep Shooting!

NOTE: If the video doesn’t work in the website directly, please visit the Street Hunters YouTube channel to watch.


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