Iris Maria Tusa

Iris Maria Tusa

Iris Maria Tusa - Editor at Street Hunters
a.k.a Iris or Irisuk

Official Street Hunter (Editor)

Iris Maria Tusa is a Street Photographer based in Bucharest, Romania. She thinks of herself as an observer, driven with passion and a dash of madness. She is always searching for the perfect place, perfect timing, perfect shot. Yes, she is a perfectionist. Her favorite spots for taking photos are the rural areas from Romania, mostly Dobrogea County but she shoots also in Bucharest or abroad (from Asia to Antarctica) as she travels a lot.

Iris shoots mainly with digital cameras and she uses currently an Olympus E-M10 II with a focal length of 14-42 mm but she experiments as well with Polaroid cameras or film – Cannonet QL17.

If you wish to contact Iris, you can send an email to and specify that you would like Iris to receive it in the Subject.

You can find more of Iris work and contact info on her personal website at

Usual Street Hunting Locations

  1. Dobrogea County, Romania
  2. Bucharest, Romania

Street Hunting Gear

  1. Olympus E-M10 II
  2. Panasonic GH4
  3. Polaroid One Step Easy II
  4. iPhone X
  5. Canonet QL17

Older Gear Not Used Any More

  1. Canon 6D
  2. iPhone 6

Invited Speaker

  1. VSLO, Romania (August 2017)
  2. Photo Synthesis Sofia, Bulgaria (January 2017)
  3. PhoSBucharest, Romania (April 2018)
  4. PhoSAthens, Greece (November 2018)
  5. Romanian Semester, Italy (June 2019)

Contest participation and winning

  1. Life FRAMER
  2. WomenStreetPhotographers

Photo Books


  1. BULB … the beginning (2015)
  2. 5CuCal (2015)
  3. BULB … urban (2016)
  4. The Romanians (2018)


  1. Antarctica. A place beyond time (2017)



Member in Photography communities

  1. ALBEDO – Romanian Olympus Community
  2. Women Street Photographers
  3. Life Framer
  4. FriendsinProfile (IG group)

B&W Work

Colour Work

You can see the complete work of Iris Maria Tusa on her Photo gallery page.