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2020 is upon us and so is a new promising decade! The Street Photography scene has changed so much within the last 10 years! I can’t even begin to imagine what it will look like in yet another 10, in 2030. If you think about it, digital street photography now dominates in comparison to 10 years ago when film street photography was still the way to go for decent imagery, and colour street photography seems to be the new standard, leaving black and white behind (not too far behind but still). Everyday more and more talented Street Photographers share their work from all around the world, unwillingly shaping the evolving street photography trends that constantly transform the genre, keeping it always interesting and fresh.

What this post is about?

The purpose of today’s post is to share with you 20 Street Photographers that are worth looking into in 2020.

This list is completely personal. I have no intention of discriminating, of setting any standards, or of imposing my opinion. This is just a list of who I think you should consider following in 2020. You don’t have to agree dear readers, so if you want to share your top20 or open a discussion, please feel free to do so by sharing names and links of Street Photographers you think are worth looking at in the comments.

Just a friendly note to all that think this is a great way for self promoting themselves, I will not share vanity comments 🙂 .

2 day Street Photography Workshop in Athens with Gabi Ben Avraham and Yiannis Yiasaris: Beyond Snapshots

In Athens at the end of June, specifically on the 28th and 29th of June, 2 massive street photographers, Gabi Ben Avraham and Yiannis Yiasaris, join forces for a very exciting hands-on street photography workshop! At only €150 sans taxes for both days and both tutors I consider this workshop a great bargain, so don’t just sit there, register today!

Both Gabi and Yannis have been featured on our website before many times in the past. Just search for their names in the Streethunters.net search bar and you can find all the posts we have written about them.

But they are not only amazing street shooters, they are both good friends of mine and great guys! Not only will you get a chance to learn some of the coolest tips and tricks in street, but you will also enjoy spending time in the company of two creative, colourful, motivating and inspirational fellow humans. I promise you this will not be just a workshop, it will be an experience to remember!

The Beginners Street Photography Workshop in Thessaloniki, Greece!


Dear Streethunters.net Readers,
I know how overwhelming it can be for you, the beginner street photographer, to look through all the options street photography has to offer, organise all information available from various sources, choose what is best for you and select your path. I know this first hand. It took me many years to finally find myself as a street photographer.

Through this course, I want to share with you what I have learned through the years, help guide you on your path and try to inspire you to see street photography from a different perspective. I will teach you composition techniques, lighting techniques, some basic theory about the masters of photography that have set the foundation for modern street shooting and many other things which you will find listed below in the course notes. However my most important goal will be to teach you to be yourself and how not to be afraid to express your emotions through your photography.

A workshop taught by two tutors!

But this time I will not be teaching alone. I am very excited to announce to you all that I will be teaching alongside acclaimed Street Photographer Yiannis Yiasaris. Yiannis is a Greek Street Photographer from Thessaloniki that is based in Melbourne, Australia. He is a world famous published photographer that has won numerous awards and has had his work exhibited many times. He will be travelling to Thessaloniki this February to teach this exciting workshop with me in his beautiful hometown. For more information on Yiannis Yasaris, please read the Tutors section below.

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    About 10 days ago I flew to Thessaloniki, Greece to meet with street photographer Yiannis Yiasaris. I was really looking forward to meeting Yiannis, because we have been communicating online for more than a year now, getting to know each other as photographers and as people. So it felt as if I was going to see a friend I hadn’t seen in years! I hadn’t been to Thessaloniki since 1997 and it was as beautiful as I remembered it, if not more. It is the second largest city of Greece after Athens and in my opinion the most interesting. The people are friendly and welcoming and they love anything concerning arts and culture, be it photography, music, design – anything that can spark creativity. The wider metropolitan area is nearly 1,000,000 people while the actual municipality of Thessaloniki is around 400,000. So, it has the ideal amount of people to class it as a city, but not an overcrowded faceless one. You will get a chance to see parts of the city in the Street Hunt video we recorded. I am sure that you will enjoy the tasks Yiannis and I set ourselves as well as the views of the seafront.

    When Will The Video Be Ready?

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    Street Photo of the week by Yiannis Yiasaris

    Yiannis Yiasaris is a Street Photographer that is based in Melbourne, Australia and is originally from beautiful Thessaloniki, Greece. Yiannis joined the SHRC this month, however he has been a very active member and each and every photograph he has shared is at least stunning. The magic sauce behind Yianni’s great shots are the perfect understanding of ultra wide angle lenses in Street Photography. If you have tried shooting street with ultra wide glass, you have surely noticed how hard it is to get a decent composition. The reason is that it feels as if the camera is sucking everything in, even unwanted elements. So, to get a good photo with ultra wide, you have to have had loads of practice and you have to be a very good composer with strong design principles. This is what Yiannis is and for this reason we have chosen one of his stunning images to share with you all today.