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Inside Xavier Dom Buendia's Camera Bag

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Inside Xavier Dom Buendia’s Camera bag! (Bag No72)

Hello Street Hunters,

My name is Xavier and I’m a freelance food & lifestyle photographer but that’s another story. I’m a Spanish/Mexican expat living in Brighton, UK.
Street Photography is not just a hobby but where I practice photography technically and creatively. It has become a lifestyle since it has taught me patience and discipline and encouraged me to practice empathy, kindness and compassion, traits that are essential not only when shooting out there on the streets but in our everyday lives.
Now I only shoot with a Fuji X100T; no attachments or gadgets since I only want to focus on what’s in front of me.
I’m not limited to a style or subject in particular, I like to capture whatever gets my attention. and like everyone else, I try to make the extraordinary out of the ordinary.

What’s in my bag: