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Types of Street Photography

Why Shooting Backs Is Still Street Photography


In the ever-widening scope of what we consider street photography, most would secure that nothing beats a great candid portrait. A person’s face alone can tell a thousand stories. The eyes, the expressions and even the wrinkles and scars help us to get lost in the story the face can create. But can a shot from behind a person be as poignant as a frontal one? I believe it can!


Street Photography is beautiful. Street Photography is thrilling. Street Photography is ugly. Street Photography is funny. Street Photography is rude. Street Photography has many silhouettes and shapes. Street Photography is about faces…

According to how we understand Street Photography, it is many things. Depending on the style of the Photographer, a Street Photo can be Artistic, or Rude, or Intrusive or all those together. A Street Photo can be Amazing, Boring, Full of people or devoid of people. So, you see, there are many styles of Street Photos out there. Today we are going to present the Types of Street Photography. We will examine what defines each Type and through this examination we will better understand the scope that Street Photography covers.