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We are not at a loss for educational access these days. For the knowledge seekers who are fortunate to have access, this is an amazing time to be alive. The internet, despite all its garbage and noise, is an invaluable and seemingly inexhaustible resource. Information on nearly anything is just a click away. If you’re in your fourth decade like me, you remember back to the time when this was not the case. Back to those pre-internet days when books, glorious books, nestled in their loving libraries, held the answers to the questions we sought. When we wanted to learn how to do something, that know-how had to be gleaned from books or taught by an instructor.

But, this is the internet age and we are fortunate enough to have the web at our beck and call. If we want to learn how to do something, anything, we can surely find a way with a Google search. It’s that easy. Articles, videos, podcasts… they’re all out there. From cooking to car repair to writing a novel and even raising a baby, there’s instruction out there.

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Dear StreetHunters.net Readers,

This weekend I visited the city of Hamburg in Germany, to film a Street Hunt video sponsored by Cosyspeed, the company that produces the Camslinger camera bags that are a great companion for any Street Photographer. I stayed in Hamburg for 3 nights and during that time I was lucky enough to meet some very interesting and nice people, to walk the fabulous streets of Hamburg, to taste local food and drinks and to learn a few German words that helped me get around. My trip was full of Street Photography and walking, full of amazement at the architecture and the sheer size of the city and finally full of excitement about seeing new things! The only thing I thought I didn’t handle all too well was the cold. I know that many of you live in equally cold places, some in even colder ones, but being used to the moderate weather of Crete, I felt quite chilly. So, I kept moving, I kept going until by the end of my trip I had covered 22 solid hours of walking. Would I do it again? 100% yes!!! If I woke up in Hamburg tomorrow, I would be on the street for hours on end taking photographs of everything that interested me!

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Hey you Street Hunters out there!

To me a street photographer is a nerd that is out on the street 25 hours a day. I’m not this sort of guy as I just do not have the time I’d like to have. But photography and especially street photography is my passion. Many of my images were made in African countries some time ago. By this time I had a big fat DSLR but nowadays I’m in the mirrorless world and am convinced that this is the future. Street photography is honest. Honesty is timeless which makes so many street photos timeless. That’s why I like this great genre.

My current gear for street photography: