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The zines of Sean Maung

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The zines of Sean Maung - Cover photo


In the previous installment of Streethunters’ Bookshelf, I sang the praises of the photo zine with my review of Hamburger Eyes #18. I likened the photo zine to the punk zines that I was so fond of. However, Hamburger Eyes is a compilation of various photographers’ work. A hedging of the bet, if you will. And it paid off. Hamburger Eyes was a smorgasbord for the eyes. Different photographers. Different styles. Thoroughly enjoyable and highly, highly recommended.

I had been bitten by the zine bug and was eager to further explore these printed dispatches. After further exploring the photographers featured in Hamburger Eyes, I was reminded that one shooter I had already been following on social media had his own zines available. That being said, it was an easy decision to reach out to Sean Maung and see if he had any zines available for sale. Maung was quick to respond and he did. A literal handful of them were in my hands within a few days.