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Inside Terry Leung's Camera Bag

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Inside Terry Leung’s Camera bag! (Bag No124)


My name is Terry Leung, a Chinese living in Sydney over 20 years. I started focusing on streetphotography 12 months ago. Surprisingly, once I pick up a camera, I find I don’t know this city that well. What are the flows of crowd, sunlight directions, seasonal differences, and architectural backgrounds, etc. SP to me is heavy mental exercise: good observation, prediction, technical calculation, and communication. Sometimes it can be tiring but I enjoy it. I recently printed some ‘business’ cards. I think when I meet another friendly photographer, artist, or a keen sitter, it helps to establish some relationships. I love this featherweight set up, I can walk all day with it. But when I need more lenses and dynamic control in certain situations, I will pack my A6000 system in a ‘proper’ camera bag.

My Bag contains: