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Dear Streethunters.net Readers,

September 2016 has come to an end. It is time to announce the winner of the September 2016 Monthly Theme Contest!

The theme of the contest was “Tattoo” and we had asked you all to send in photos of people with eccentricities. You responded by sending in 27 great photographs! Thank you all for submitting your lovely work!

As per the rules of the contest, the 3 editors of the Streethunters.net website Andrew Sweigart, Digby Fullam and myself, chose one photo each. The next step was to select the very best one of the three and present it here to you.

So, the lucky winner of the September 2016 Monthly Theme Contest is Roy Rozanski and this is his photograph.

Tattoos photo nominees

Dear Streethunters.net Readers,

The ninth Monthly Theme Contest photos have been submitted and we took a good look at them all and finally made our choices. Please keep in mind that the process of selecting a photo is very difficult and challenging owing to the high standard of the photos entered!

First of all let’s take a look at all the photos that were submitted and accepted in this Monthly Theme Contest.

ATTENTION: Photos that didn’t meet the Theme criteria have been disqualified by the editors. Please make sure to read the requirements carefully before submitting an image

At this moment I would like to thank each and every participant for submitting their photograph. We have a great collection of photos with “Tattoo” to show you! This time we had 27 valid submissions which can all be seen here: