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Dear Readers,

Last week I shared with my fellow Streethunters.net editors, Andrew Sweigart and Digby Fullam a new idea that I had. This idea is something that in my opinion will make the Streethunters.net YouTube channel a little bit more interesting and active. Both of them embraced the idea and since then I have been wanting to share it with all of you.

It is now one week later and believe it or not, I have only just found the time to properly sit down and write this announcement post for you all to read. I am currently at the Athens International Airport typing away on my laptop while waiting to board my flight back to Crete. I have been flying from location to location for work since early Tuesday morning, within Greece and further away. I have felt the bitter cold of the northern Balkans and flown in a propeller plane (something I am not used to doing), had food poisoning, met at least 20 new people and I did all these things wearing a suit 24/7. A crazy, uncomfortable 4 days!

Anyway, enough of my travels. Today is the announcement day, so let’s get on with it.