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Lorenzo Grifantini Beach Street Photography cover

NOTE: This is a Guest Blog post written by Lorenzo Grifantini exclusively for www.streethunters.net.

Italian Summer – A Beach Street Photography Project

I took these pictures in different places around Italy—like the island of Salina in Sicily, Salento in Puglia, and Forte dei Marmi in Tuscany. I looked at people of all ages and social stations hoping to find that one common thread of surreal irony. In these difficult times for my country Italian summer is the season when Italians can express their lightness of being and their love for life. Also, as an Italian expat who has lived in London for more than ten years, I can finally see my cultural traits spread out on the beaches of Italy and that evokes strong childhood memories for me of the long happy summers I spent there.


If you’ve read any of my posts before, you’ll remember how I’ve said sorting street photography is a real challenge for me. Two things factor into the challenge: time and location. As far as time goes, I work a odd night shift. When I finish work, there is literally nothing going on nearby. So, shooting on the weekdays is frustrating and pointless. This leaves the weekends. Weekends are a battleground! Chores, family, friends and relaxation all compete for my valuable time. Believe me, I want to do it all, but sometimes it’s not possible. Deep down I want to shoot, shoot, shoot. So, I do what I can and usually end up with just a few hours each month to go out and do it! This leads us to the second challenge: location!


This week I thought I would do more of a pictorial blog post about the places I go and the streets I walk looking for material. I live in the South East of Spain, just outside the city of Orihuela which is situated close to the border of the Alicante and Murcia regions. Orihuela has been my main source of material but I love to go to the cities of Murcia and Alicante when it’s possible.