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Street Photo of the week by JB Maher

Street Photo of the week by JB Maher

JB Maher is a talented Street Photographer based in Dublin, Ireland, originally from Co Meath, Ireland. I discovered JB’s work while scanning through the images of the photographers in the Burn My Eye collective. It turns out he is a member of that group of expressive Street Photographers which steadily produce great work.

JB got into photography in his early 20’s and the reason why he did so was to manage to document his experiences before he forgot about them. As he mentions in his Burn My Eye bio:

Street Photo of the Week by Jose Sanchez

Street Photo of the week by Jose Sanchez

The amazing thing about the internet is that anyone can get their message across the world and reach thousands of people without too much of an effort. Sometimes that message gets stronger depending on the number of voices that spread it. So any one of us can share our work on the web and depending how good it is, it can reach people all around the globe. Well, one day Jose Sanchez’s “message” reached me. Not in the form of an email, a text message or any other direct way one would think. Instead I kept on receiving submissions for our Flickr Group from him that I liked a lot. At first I didn’t notice his name. Then when a second and third submission popped in our Flickr Group inbox, I started to recognise him. So the other day I was looking at one of his shots and I was thinking:

Street Photo of the week by Juan María Rodríguez

Street Photo of the week by Juan María Rodríguez

Not much is known about Spanish Street Photographer Juan María Rodríguez. We spotted him through our Flickr Streethunters.net Readers group. We researched him as much as possible but not many things could be discovered. So, all we know about Juan María Rodríguez is that he is from Almería Spain and that he currently lives in Seville Spain. He uses a mixture of monochrome and black and white and his photos seem as if they each have their own style. One photo isn’t like another. Some are with wide angle lenses, others with normal lenses, others black and white and others colour. He plays with shadows, with light, with contrast, with focal points, he does portraits, he gets close and he shoots from afar. He is experimenting, searching, looking for new perspectives and new compositions. We like how he isn’t afraid to show all of his work, how he mixes things up, how he doesn’t mind to show a b&w portrait next to a colour street scene with heavy shadows. He clearly photographs because he loves it and he shoots for the moment.

Street Photo of the week by Alex Webb

Street Photo of the week by Alex Webb

If you are into Street Photography then chances are that you know of Alex Webb and his work. Alex Webb is an American originally from San Francisco, California. Since high school he was fascinated by photography and in 1976, after completing his studies in Photography, he joined the international cooperative Magnum Photos as an associate member. Since then Webb has been on many assignments photographing in the American continent mostly. He has worked for magazines such as New York Times Magazine, Life, Geo and National Geographic. His work has been exhibited countless times.

I remember when I first got into shooting, whenever I used to stumble upon Alex’s images by chance on the web or when reading photography books, I was always intrigued by the way he could just freeze time in such a perfectly organised manner. Now that I have been photographing for a few years I am not only intrigued but dumbfounded by his skill! This man can really see the world in slow motion. He can foresee situations and freeze moments the second that everyone is in perfect sync. I have seen other Street Photographers do this in maybe 1 or 2 of their photos, even 3, but Alex Webb has been able to master this type of “order from chaos” photograph. He practically “owns” this style of Street Photography! A few weeks ago I read a book of his called “Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb on Street Photography and the Poetic Image”. In that book Alex Webb writes:

Photo of the week by Matt Stuart

Street Photo of the week by Matt Stuart

Matt Stuart is from North West London where he was born in the 70s. His first involvement with Photography was when his dad got him two photography books as a gift. He was in his late teens at the time and became fascinated by the works of Henri Cartier Bresson and Paul Frank. Since that pivotal moment Matt has been a practicing Street Photographer for more than 18 years! He manages to capture unique candid moments using his patience, his optimism and his small camera to his advantage. Even though for commercial work Matt uses a digital camera, for Street Photography he prefers shooting old school and uses a mechanical Leica MP with one prime 35mm lens and his favourite Fujifilm Superia 200/400 film. Matt’s approach to Street Photography is a humorous one. He has a talent for seeing moments that when captured through his lens bring a smile the the viewers face.

Street Photo of the week by Petros Kotzabasis

As I am writing this, I am flicking through Petros Kotzabasis’ Gallery on Flickr and all I can say is that I am amazed at what I am seing. His photographs are surreal, they are out of this world. Mostly in black and white he shows situations that just can’t repeat themselves. Unique moments frozen in time forever. He has an exceptional body of work full of fantastic expressions, unimaginable situations and perfect exposures that make one wonder if Petros is ever without a camera in the streets.

Saying that, I would like to note that not all of Petro’s photos have been shot in the streets. In his portfolio one will find indoor photography, street photography, landscape photography, portraits and more. There are so many different types of photos one can see and experience. I say “experience” because I find an intimacy in all of them. I get a feeling as if I am there, in his photos. By exploring all of his images one can understand that Petros Kotzabasis is a lover of the “image” itself. He will photograph anything that attracts his attention, anything that means something to him, no matter what and I think that is what street photography should be all about. It shouldn’t have any sub-genres, rules or guidelines. It should be an expression of the artist’s vision.

Street photo of the week by Ilan Ben Yehuda promo

Street Photo of the week by Ilan Ben Yehuda

Ilan is a charismatic Street Photographer born and raised in Ramat – Gan, Israel. He is a graduate of the Tel Aviv Camera Obscura photography school and is also a scholar of philosophy.

Like many other Street Photographers, Ilan works in the Graphic arts industry, designing for fashion mostly. Together with his studies as a photographer and his graphic design experience, he has managed to master visual communication and visual interpretation skills that can be considered important assets to any Street Photographer.

Five years ago when Ilan Ben Yehuda started shooting Street more seriously he passionately looked for subjects such as drug addicts, homeless etc. His work was more documentary oriented. He has now changed his style and looks for surreal situations that are not necessarily classed as photojournalistic, documentary photos, but more as pure Street Photography images that aim to make the viewer wonder, question, think about what he/she is looking at. Photos with a hidden, deeper meaning.

Ilan is part of the “APF” international photography collective. An entity of Artphotofeature Magazine, the APF Collective features the work of 25 talented photographers from around the globe. Their goal is to provide a collective, balanced storytelling vision of the world we live in. You can read more about “APF” and the rest of the members of this amazing collective at www.apfcollective.com.

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Street Photo of the week by Yves Vernin

Yves Vernin is a Street Photographer from Marseille in the South France. Marseille, being on the Mediterranean has amazing light, like most Mediterranean cities do. Yves knows that and makes sure to take advantage of it as much as possible. Using that stunning light, the reflections and out of the usual light sources, he has managed to create a portfolio of very impressive photographs of people in the most unbelievable situations. Each photograph that Yves produces, especially his latest colour work amazes me and makes me feel inspired to grab my camera and hit the streets!

Combining his inherent intuition with a very good understanding of art and actual shooting range experience, Yves is equipped with some of the most important skills that a great Street Photographer should master. Spontaneity, Understanding of light and a great aim!

Learning to fly by Gabi Ben avraham promo

Street Photo of the week by Gabi Ben Avraham

Gabi Ben Avraham from Tel Aviv is one of those Street Photographers that has a style that is full of energy! Nearly all of his photographs include at least one person in action, doing something mind blowing, something unique. Every single one of his photographs are captivating, jaw dropping. He captures life in very, very high speeds, freezing fractions of seconds, moments that the human eye can’t see, moments that happen around us all the time but most of us miss. Gabi Ben Avraham has the gift of sight and he puts it to good use. As you can tell by my writings, I admire his work and find it simply fantastic. Gabi Ben Avraham’s photography is inspiring for me, both his Black & White and Colour photos. They all have his “distinctive signature” on them. So, I invite you to check out his work for yourself and enjoy the moments he has frozen forever in time for us all to enjoy.

Street Photo of the week by Colin Templeton

Colin Templeton is a Street Photographer that is based in Glasgow, Scotland that works for the Herald, the Sunday Herald and the Evening Times. During his 20 years of experience, Colin has been awarded many times and also has been ranked as one of the world’s Top 50 Greatest Street Photographers. He is passionate about shooting urban scenes and documenting the life that surrounds him and doesn’t find the cliches interesting. As he himself states on his website:

My true passion, is documenting everyday life, especially the urban environment.  I am less inclined to shoot the classic images which abound on picture postcards; the darker corners of the city are what I find most compelling.

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