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Inside Sean Allen's Camera Bag

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Inside Sean Allen’s Camera bag! (Bag No89)

Hi Street Hunter Amigos

My name is Sean Allen and I’m an Irish based photographer mainly shooting Street. I was a professional photographer for 15yrs up until 2002 shooting PR, Press, Studio, and Advertising. My true passion was Street and Social Documentary photography(unpaid) I went through major depression In 2002 and walked away from my old life including photography.

Although I shifted my depression 6yrs ago, I made a decision only last year to rekindle that love affair with photography, so with no gear, no money to buy gear but with a burning desire I started to take small steps finding my eye again. Although I currently do not have the gear that I want, I am very grateful that I do have the gear that will get me to the next stage, and I have created my YouTube channel Rambles with my Camera to document via weekly videos that return.

Sending my Love from Ireland!

Inside my camera bag: