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Announcing the NEW Monthly Theme Contest Rules & Prizes!

Dear Streethunters.net Readers,

2016 is here and the team at www.streethunters.net is ready for one more year of exciting Street Photography! We have different tricks up our sleeve for the following year. We plan on making Street Hunters more interactive and more involved. This is the 3rd year that we have been around and since we first launched many things have changed for us. But, what is most important is that we have made many new friends and have discovered hundreds of amazing new Street Photographers from all over the world.

This post isn’t about our plans though. We would rather let them unfold smoothly during the year. There is no point in announcing everything from today. Where would the mystery be in that?! No, this post is going to focus on one of the many major changes that is going to take place in 2016 and that is how the Monthly Theme Contests are going to work.

During the last year, we have been receiving many, many photos from you as submissions to our Monthly Theme Contests. What we have noticed most of the times, is that the photo belonging to the Street Photographer with the most Social Media friends wins. When we first initiated these contests, we wanted the best photos submitted to win, so they could then be added to the official Street Hunters calendar. Our goal was for the most interesting photo, or one of the most interesting photos to win in the competitions. In quite a few circumstances, outstanding photos didn’t win. Photos that were clearly better than the winning ones. So, we researched and found out that some of the 2015 winners were asking their online friends for votes. This made the contest unfair in our eyes and for this reason, we have decided to change the rules.