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Inside Roy Wilkinson's Camera bag

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Inside Roy Wilkinson’s Camera bag! (Bag No133)


My name is Roy Wilkinson. I was born in Kent UK. Being a bit of a loner, street photography, which I have done for 4mths, is ideal for me. I’m not an ‘in their face’ photographer consequently my lens choice is a 32 -83mm zoom mounted on my Nikkormat Ftn. I take photos in all weather. Sometimes I go out and don’t get a shot. I look for ‘moments’ when everything is ’right’. It’s exciting not knowing when these will appear and having to be ready when they do!  I love photographing groups of people; tourists for example. Often, when the shot has been taken, I think I’ve missed ‘the moment’ but always the image indicates interesting interactions! I use Iford XP2 and occasionally Kodacolour 200 film. I use the Sunny 16 exposure guide and, carry a light meter. Most used setting; hyper focal distance.

The contents of my bag: