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This Week Streethunters.net 9/10/17-15/10/17


You’re joining us for the latest edition of ‘This Week on Streethunters.net’, our Sunday summary of the past week’s events and activity on the Streethunters.net street photography blog website and social media channels. If you fancy heading even further back, you can visit the This Week category page of the website and browse through summaries from the previous weeks.

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    In search for the 20 most influential Street Photographers


    Exactly one year ago we wrote a post that went viral at the time. Since then it has been viewed more than 75000 times and commented on more than 50 times. This post is called “The 10 most Influential Active Street Photographers“. If you haven’t read it, we recommend you check it out and let us know what you think in the comments. In this post, we presented Street Photographers that we think are worth mentioning for 2 specific reasons. How influential they are and how active.

    Influential: “having great influence on someone or something.”
    Active: “engaging or ready to engage in physically energetic pursuits.”

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    YouTube Interview with Rinzi Ruiz

    Rinzi Ruiz Hangout Interview

    It was a complete pleasure for the Street Hunters team and guests to meet and chat with Rinzi Ruiz last Sunday evening in one of the bi-weekly hangouts.

    Modest and totally committed, Rinzi was happy to share the what, where and how of his workflow and methods. From the start of his career, in the dark times of ‘layoffs’ Rinzi’s quiet immutable determination to improve himself and his skills neither shouts nor fire a flashes off in your face but rather walks, each step with a purpose. By breaking down how he works Rinzi gave insights into his planning, creation, and editing processes throughout the interview.

    If you were not able to make it, we heartily recommend you watching the interview here.

    Stay sharp, keep shooting!

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    Rinzi Ruiz Interview

    Rinzi Ruiz

    For this weeks special guest on the Street Hunters G+ Hangout ‘The Pub’ is Rinzi Ruiz. A prolific photographer from Los Angeles .
    Now producing only colour work from the streets ,Rinzi combines effortless minimalism with keenly observed street scenes, which when married create an unexpected stillness and serenity within the gaudy City of Angels.

    Your invited to join us this Sunday 27th of July at

    12:00 PDT – 14:00 CDT – 15:00 EDT – 20:00 BST – 21:00 CEST – 22:00 EEST

    so you can meet and question one of the worlds most well known contemporary street photographers alive!

    Photo of the week LA by Rinzi Ruiz

    Street Photo of the week by Rinzi Ruiz

    Rinzi Ruiz is a Street Photographer that lives and works in Los Angeles California. He comes from a strong artistic background, having studied arts and also having worked in the creative industry of graphics and animation for many years. This strong background has equipped Rinzi with the skills he so eloquently uses in his Street Photography. Beautiful compositions, excellent balance of light and shadows, a large understanding of colour and a knowledge of aesthetics, make Rinzi Ruiz’s photography simple beautiful. His work moves and thrills and makes the eye wonder. Details are subtle but important to the composition of each photo. Everything is carefully taken into account. Nothing is left to chance in my opinion. Graphic designers love perfection and even though Rinzi is now a full time Photographer, he has that love for perfection in his DNA.