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Right Time Right Place

by -
Robert Rutöd


Timing is a key ingredient in street photography. One has to look no further than the title of Henri Cartier-Bresson’s revered book, ‘The Decisive Moment’, for reference. A photographer’s timing, especially when shooting street, makes the  photo. Knowing when to press the shutter is everything. But don’t forget about luck. Luck, the x-factor. Luck, the variable. Unless a photographer has precognitive skills, they’ve got to get lucky. Even Cartier-Bresson himself said, “of course it’s all luck.” Boil it down, and it’s about being at the right place at the right time.

The mixture of timing and luck is the subject of Austrian photographer Robert Rutöd’s self-published photo book, ‘Right Time Right Place’. A winner of the New York Photo Award and the Special Prize from the Czech Center Of Photography in 2012, Rutöd has had his work exhibited across the globe and featured in numerous publications. Most recently, the former painter and short film writer and director secured the ‘2015 Artist Of The Year’ at the Dong Gang International Photo Festival in South Korea. Rutöd sent this book to Streethunters for review.