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Welcome back to This Week on Streethunters.net, a new feature where we set out a quick summary of all the week’s events and goings-on across our blog and social media feeds so you all can easily catch up with every bit of Street Hunters news in one place. All our previous weekly summaries will be grouped under our ‘This Week’ category on the website, so if you’ve been away from us for a while you can simply scroll back through our old summaries and get back up to date!

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Plan street photo trip to a foreign country cover

Street Photography Abroad

Travelling is important for your street photography. It is not the be all and end all, and a great many street photographers consistently produce great bodies of work shooting in one location or home city. But for a great many other street photographers, travelling is an amazing way for them to get inspired, and if they travel specifically for their street photography, often gives them the time and opportunity to focus on their street photography that they wouldn’t normally have which is also very important. And all these factors are increased dramatically if your travelling for street photography extends to a foreign country. Everything becomes just that little bit more exciting and a little bit more exotic. At Streethunters.net we’ve been lucky enough to have enjoyed several opportunities to visit foreign countries for street photography, so we wanted to take the opportunity to share what we’ve learned along the way with you, so read on for our top tips for planning a street photography trip to a foreign country.