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Announcement - PotD replaced with PotW


As you might have understood from the title of this Announcement, the Picture of the Day is going to stop. Instead of a Picture of the Day, we will be sharing a Picture of the Week. Please let me explain why in a few words.

The reason why

Since May 2013, we have each been posting one photo every day (except Sundays). That is more than 1000 photographs combined!

When we first started posting for StreetHunters.net it was all about sharing our photographic work. We wanted to be something like a collective, so sharing our images was essential. Since then StreetHunters.net has evolved from that original idea into a resource for all things Street Photography and now has a planned vision for the future. This planned vision involves more guest posts, regular weeklies, interviews, street hunt videos, contests and more. Things that are generally useful and interesting.

Andrew and myself want to focus on posting more quality blog and video posts for you but at the same time we need to improve on our own Street Photography. We feel that we need to make wiser selections when sharing one of our photos with you and in addition we want to have the time to explain how we made each photograph we share. We believe that sharing this kind of knowledge and expertise will be of more value to you and to us, than just posting a Photo every day.