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This is a photograph that has been shot with a Yashica Electro 35 GTN with Ilford HP5 400 film, in Rethymno, Crete, Greece.

Last summer I used to hit the streets with my film cameras all the time. I remember I was going through a good phase. I had my Yashica Electro 35 CC with one film, my Yashica Electro 35 GTN with another film and my Olympus mju II pocketed, equipped with another film. I used to roam the streets in search of images that made me feel relaxed and at ease. It was a period in my street photography that I looked for composition, geometry and shapes. I wasn’t interested so much in expressions and up close and personal photography. I liked that period, but now I have moved on, I am on a different path. My photography is leading me to other creations as I am stimulated by other things.

Street Hunters weekly photo by Digby Fullam

I shot this photo in Matala, on the south coast of Crete, with a Canon 6D and a Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 L lens.

Matala is well known as the ‘hippie’ capital of Crete, a reputation it gained during the 1960s and 70s when hippies from all over the world saw the small seaside village as ‘a place to escape from it all’ and spent many months (or even years) living in the ancient caves carved into the cliff face above the beach. One erstwhile resident of these caves was Joni Mitchell, who’s song ‘Carey’ from her seminal album ‘Blue’ was written about her experiences in Matala in 1970, well and truly cementing Matala’s place in counterculture folklore. To this day, Matala continues to trade on its reputation as a hippie mecca, with tourists flocking to the colourful (and expensive for Crete) tavernas to soak up the chilled out atmosphere and admire the beautiful sunsets. They can even trek up to the famous caves, though only if they’re willing to pay an entrance fee to bypass the wire fence that ironically ‘secures’ these symbols of free living from the outside world.

Street Hunter Weekly Pic by Andrew Sweigart

When you’re stuck shooting only on weekends, fewer events proceeded a greater “bang for the buck” than festivals. When first trying my hand at street photography, I found shooting at festivals to be a particularly comfortable way to get my feet wet with the experience. As time went on, shooting at these events became a little more like shooting fish in a barrel. But around where I live, they’re still a must for me.

They provide much more action than the weekend city streets in Central Pennsylvania and that means they present a great opportunity to practice! Practice speed/response time. Practice shooting in tight spots/crowds. Practice finding subjects in the crowd and isolating them. Plus, I still like documenting Americana, and here we have that in spades.

Street Hunters weekly pic -

This is a photograph that has been shot with a Yashica Electro 35 CC with Kodak T-MAX 100 film, in Rethymno, Crete, Greece.

I don’t remember when exactly I made this photograph, but it was a summer and it must have been sometime after 19:00 judging by the height of the sun. What I do remember though is how thrilled I was to be using Kodak T-MAX 100 film in my little Yashica Electro 35 CC. It was the same period of time that the Yashica was the only camera I shot.

Weekly Photo by Digby Fullam -

Shot with a Tamron 24-70 2.8 on a Canon 6D.

I have very strong memories of shooting this photo. It was the first Monday in March and the weather was glorious – the first really nice sunny and warm day of the year after a surprisingly long cold and wet winter in Rethymno. I was also in a particularly buoyant mood as the day before my football team Norwich City had triumphed over their bitter local rivals Ipswich Town that lifted them to the 3rd position in the Championship and a step closer to returning to the Premier League.

Weekly pic.

As warmer weather slowly creeps near, I realize now it is true what they say… absence makes the heart grow fonder. It’s been so long since I shot in Baltimore, my heart truly aches to get there again. The harsh winter and physical setbacks have stopped me from visiting Charm City since the fall. I am most anxious to get back.

I’ve previously discussed the advantages of shooting in Baltimore in comparison to the smaller cities here in south central Pennsylvania. Simply put, there’s more people and more scenes. It’s a major metropolis. But I haven’t really touched on an element that’s also more abundant in Charm City. That, my friends, is individual style.

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This is a photograph that has been shot with a Sony NEX-6 with a 20mm SEL20F28 prime lens (equivalent to 30mm), in Athens, Greece.

I remember making this photograph like yesterday! I was shooting the video for Street Hunt #9 in Athens and I was on Patision Avenue, when I spotted this older man that reminded me of Stan Lee the Marvel Comic book writer. It might be just me, but for some reason I thought to myself, “Hey he is just like Stan Lee, I must photograph him”. So I approached him and shot him from the angle of the sun, exposing for the highlights to make the shadows go really dark. The result was pleasing to me.

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This is a photograph that has been shot with a Canon 6D and a Tamron 24-70 2.8 lens, in Rethymno, Crete, Greece.

When I’m out on the streets with my camera for hours at a time I can sometimes find that I get really demoralised. Some days I just won’t ‘see’ anything happening that makes a good street photo. Note how I put ‘see’ in inverted commas – I personally believe a great street photographer will always be able to find something happening in the street and use their ‘vision’ to create a great shot. But unfortunately I have days sometimes where my photographer’s eye is a little cloudy! I also have days where I’m just unlucky – I’ll miss shots through timing – a perfect subject will arrive at a scene too fast before I’m able to frame properly, or something will happen that disrupts my shot. The day I shot this photo was just one of those days. I was feeling very annoyed and frustrated with the work I was producing, and nothing seemed to be going ‘right’. I was also feeling creatively at a very low ebb – we’d just had the craziness of the carnival in Rethymno and I’d been experimenting with new techniques using an off-camera flash – post carnival I didn’t want to go back to making ‘boring’ shots that I felt like I’d made a hundred times before.

Another weekend of winter weather has kept me inside and off of the streets. However, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s a perfect opportunity to review older images. Ones that I decided to let “marinate”. Ones that I wasn’t quite sure of.

When I say “not quite sure of”, bells immediately start ringing. If I wasn’t sure of the image then, why keep it? It must surely be no good! That’s not always the case. Sometimes an image gets sort of “lost” when reviewing, editing our organizing a day’s work. I know personally, I get so drunk on pictures that my judgement becomes clouded. Is it a keeper or not? It’s not always an easy decision. We each have our own guidelines on what determines “keeper” status. Those guidelines are subjective and always changing. Our tastes are always changing and our opinions are as well.

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This is a photograph that has been shot with a Sony NEX-6 with a 35mm SEL35F18 prime lens, in Athens, Greece.

About a year ago, I was in Athens shooting Street Hunt No4. I had already walked all over Athens for more than 5 hours (About 10km) and I was heading back to “base” when I spotted this gentleman. I was feeling quite good with myself because the video had turned out ok and I had had a great time shooting it. At the time of this encounter, my tongue was hanging out from exhaustion and the Sony NEX-6 felt a bit heavier than normal in my hand. But there was no way to resist taking the photo of the man that was getting ready to light up. His hat, the way his cigarette was just hanging from his mouth, his spectacles and his expression most of all are what drew my attention and made me get closer.