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Petru Dimoff

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Inside Petru Dimoff’s Camera bag! (Bag No92)

Hello Street Hunters !

My name is Petru DIMOFF. I discovered my passion for photography, in autumn of 1988. Photo done it occasionally before, but then I managed to buy my first camera with manual functions and I began to understand what really means  photography. I did, along film period, mostly black and white photographs and colour too at various events, but to shoot people always attracted me. After film photography, it has developed the digital age and I was forced to keep up with the news. Time passed, and I began to do street photography. I do not know exactly where the impetus came over me, but it charmed me, and I remained dedicated to this type of photography. I must admit, that even today, I still take pictures of other genres, but street photography, remains on top because transmit the highest dose of collective emotion.

Inside my camera bag: