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ex-Artis 'Home' photography project

Earlier this year, Paphos again made its mark in the photography world with its Months Of Photography Paphos programs. Now, Paphos will once more be the site of yet another great photo program which will result in a catalog and an exhibition in Pafos in December 2017.

‘HOME’ is an ongoing photographic project organized by the ex-Artis Cultural Association in Cyprus and is based on the collaboration of photographers from different cultural orientations under the guidance of talented specialists of photography. The project started on the 27th of June 2017 in Drousia, a village in the Pafos district in Cyprus, as a residence and workshop for 5 days. Twelve photographers had the opportunity to learn from two experts of photography: Jason Eskenazi (USA) and Achilles Nasios (Sweden) who introduced them into a dialogue and a process of self-awareness, linked to their cultural expertise, to re-define the idea of ‘home’. Photographers from Pafos, Limasol, Nicosia, Bucharest, Patra and Thessaloniki are participating in this project. They are members of three photography collectives: BULBphotos, CPS-Pafos Branch and Fotodos. The project is funded by the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus.

workshops and presentations

The Cyprus Photographic Society continues their Months of Photography Paphos with two affordable and entertaining programs this weekend!

First on April 8th is a free presentation from documentary photographer Anikitos Hadjicharalambous at the House of Literature and Arts Pafos. At 7:30 PM, the photographer will present his latest photographic work, “The Other View- Behind The Scenes” of TV shows “Dancing For You 3 and 5” and “Star Cyprus 2013 and 2015”, which were broadcast on MEGA TV.