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One Camera & One Lens for Street Photography


Ever since I have started shooting Street Photography I have been a strong advocate of the “One Camera & One Lens for Street Photography” philosophy. If you don’t know of the term, it is pretty self explanatory. It means that I like shooting with one camera and one lens without making any change to my setup while on a project / assignment or just a photowalk. Personally I like simplifying things even more by making that lens a prime lens, always. I feel that zoom lenses do not count for “one” lens. They count for as many lenses as the available focal length offers. So for a example a 16-50mm zoom lens, can shoot like a 16mm lens, a 17mm lens, an 18mm lens and so on and so forth all the way up to a 50mm lens. When I go on a Street Hunt, I take only one camera with one prime lens with me and leave the rest of my gear at home. Have you tried this? You should and here are the reasons why.