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Inside Neville Newman's camera bag - Bag No.177

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Inside Neville Newman’s Camera bag! (Bag No177)


My name is Neville Newman and I shoot street as well as Aussie Rules footy in Hamilton, Ontario. Yes, they play footy in Canada. For street, I use only film. I don’t take a bag, only one of the cameras that I use: either a Rolleiflex TLR, an Olympus OM1 or a Yashica Electro35. A long-term project of mine is to draw the public’s attention to the scourge of poverty in our city. The pollies make a lot of noise about how awful it is, but the percentage of people, especially children, living in poverty keeps rising. At the same time, I try to capture the atmosphere of the street. I am mindful of Bruce Gilden’s assertion, that “if you can smell the street, it’s a street photograph”. Consequently, I am ruthless when it comes to choosing which photographs to post. I hope all of my street shots “smell”.

Items in my “bag”:”