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Inside Nathanael Fournier's Camera Bag - Bag No. 165

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Inside Nathanaël Fournier’s Camera bag! (Bag No165)


I’m happy to share with you my bag’s content. That’s not properly a camera bag as I don’t use such bag, I always try to “voyager léger” as I wander the streets. My name is Nathanaël Fournier. I’m a 36-year-old photographer from France and I’m shooting with film cameras since 2004. The bag on this picture is one of my old fashioned luggage. It allows me to carry clothes and books from town to town and it has a part dedicated to cameras and rolls of film.

Street Photography is my best reason for not having a full-time job !!


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Crit My Pic Wilson Square by Nathanael Fournier

For our crit my pic feature this week we’re going to be looking at an analogue film street photo that was shot by Nathanaël Fournier. The photo is titled ‘Wilson Square’ and is part of his “Everyday’s Life Value” series. As usual for this feature, I’ll be analysing this photo across the criteria of point of view, focal point, composition, exposure, subject matter, and mood. I still have quite a backlog of photos to be working through, so, I’m going to ask that you don’t send in any new photos for the time being until I’ve had a chance to catch up a little. That concludes our introduction, so now we can get into the really meaty stuff – the crit of ‘Wilson Square’ by Nathanaël Fournier!